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 Series # 254

 Digital Media Marketing Strategy Series  
How to avoid mistakes and be a winner!!
Following Experts and putting into practice the learnings you can pave the way for  success.
Use the Tips from Experts to SUCCEED in Building your Brand

 Blogs by Experts 

 Blogs by Experts -Listen to a Podcast for  a change


Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

In this episode, I’ll give you the four things you need to know in order to build a digital marketing strategy that works.

Plus, I’ll break down other digital marketing concepts and make them easy to understand, including campaigns, funnels, lead magnets and building email lists.

Who is an Expert ??

Professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject, to the extent that his or her opinion may be helpful in fact finding, problem solving, or understanding of a situation. See also expert evidence.

Business Dictonary

Blogging  would be a main factor in reaching “expert” status 

Blogs by Experts:Why Follow Blogs from  Experts

Whether you know it or not, the quickest way to become the top player in your industry is to learn from the experts.  You need to figure out everything from what they read, how they work and analyze how did they become experts starting from scratch. -Anil Agarwal

Success always leaves tracks. If you study the most successful people  in your industry, you can become successful too. That’s the power of learning.

Anil Agarwal

Experts like Neil Patel,Jeff Bullas, Amy Porterfield give valuable tips for you to succeed.

Following Topics are covered. Many more to follow.

20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Today, there are over 150 million of them.

When you publish in-depth blog posts that help potential clients/customers solve their problems, they come to trust you and respect you as an expert in the field. If they want more help than a blog post can offer, then they’re likely to be interested in hiring your business.

1. Event Management

2. Reducing Startup Failure-Tips & Tricks

3. Blogging Tips

4. How to get customers?

5. How to kickstart Startups

6.Online Marketing Tips

7. E Commerce Tips

8. Podcasts

9. Videos

10 SEO optimisation

11. How to attract more customers

12.Stay at Home Moms

13.Blog Writing Skills

14. SEO Optimization

15. Affiliate Marketing

16. Social Media for startup in Event Management,Restaurants, Food etc

17. Risk Assessment for startups

18.Risk Mitigation for startups

19. Lead Generation

20. Digital Marketing

Social Media for Event Management Startups- Series #4


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