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How to Run a Successful Organic Restaurant-Khalid Salaam

Embrace menu changes

Organic restaurants have to go to great lengths to maintain a consistent menu, especially in a tough economy. Keep it the same as long as possible says Jana Keith-Jennings, Pure Food & Wine executive pastry chef, but do not be afraid to make hard choices.  "When the price of maple syrup went up, I had to cut down our use of it. We've adjusted a lot of our recipes because of that. You have to remain confident that you can still make good food even if you don't have your usual ingredients," she explains.


Is there a Recipe for Success in the Restaurant Industry?

Succeeding in the restaurant industry has never been easy. You just have to google ‘failed celebrity restauranteurs’ to realise that even being famous doesn’t sell a restaurant.

That being said, this is a very exciting and potentially lucrative time to be entering the foodie world.

New culinary buzzwords now crop up annually along with ever changing trends and with the popularity of programs such as MasterChef Australia and the Great Australian Bake Off, consumers (or self-proclaimed food connoisseurs) are looking for  food taht is little more extraordinary. 

This is the year of kohlrabi and teff apparently (kale and quinoa are so 2014) and vegetable flavoured yogurts and ice-creams as well as snackable insects are de-rigeur.

As in any competitive business, restauranteurs will need to at least take notice so as not to get lost in the fray. 

Unfortunately, there are no definitive steps to success. However there are a few key ingredients involved in the making of a good restaurant (and they don’t include scallops, pancetta and fluorescent pea puree…)

To be successful in QSR space, you need to come up with a unique idea and deliver a superior customer service in terms of food variety, quality, Delivery time & ambiance

The Takeaway or QSR format seems to be the most practical format, as the return on investment is high. 

You can charge the price of a casual dining menu, but not incur cost the same as you save upon the area, furniture, air-conditioning, crockery, etc.

However, you still need 100-150 orders to make it viable in the long run.

The Quick Service Restaurant, more commonly known as the  Fast Food Restaurant is a specific kind of restaurant format that serves fast food cuisines like Pizza, Burger and requires minimal table service. 

Major fast food chains in India includes KFC, Dominos, Starbucks & Pizza Hut. It is one the most lucrative restaurant formats among all and thus has also become the most popular choice of food business among the restaurateurs.

10 Tips For Making Your Restaurant Business Successful

 A restaurant business can survive the tough competition from established and new players, if it formulates a unique marketing plan. It must know its market niche, target customers, competitors very well. But it’s visual communication with the people must also be impressive and purposeful.-Anne Carton

Also, research your target customers to know about their economic, social and other backgrounds. Find out more about your competitors. Get right answers to some key questions before you launch your restaurant business.

5 Restaurant Technologies to Have Before Your Grand Opening

Technology is indeed essential to modern restaurants. When you adopt the right restaurant technologies, they can simplify the customer experience while making your job and your staff’s jobs much easier.

Here are the restaurant technologies that all new restaurateurs will want to have in place before opening a new location.-AJ Beltis

Customer-Driven Apps & Technology Trends for Food trucks

Most food-related industries rely heavily on apps, social media, and technology. QSR insists that technology, especially social media, are quite important in the food truck model. Operators once just relied on social media standbys such as Facebook and Twitter, but the market has grown over the last several years. Social media outlets like Snapchat and Instagram are becoming important platforms for food truck associates since these social media tools are now major players for their consumers. Food truck operators can use these platforms to share their truck locations, menu specials, and other important news. Building a following on one or several of these channels can increase exposure and eventually business.

12 Mobile Food Trends for the Future

1. Food no longer has to be sold from the truck. 

Gone are the days of food-truck food sold exclusively out of trucks. Eager to earn additional income, food-truck operators are increasingly dishing their menus at markets, food fests, and pop-up stores, says Ben Goldberg, founder and president of the New York Food Truck Association.

2. Branded promotions are on fire.

 When big companies have major new product launches, they are increasingly bringing along food trucks to the rollouts to add to the excitement, Goldberg says. For example, when AME Network had an event with its media partners, the New York–based company linked with locally popular Katz’s Delicatessen. The New York Food Truck Association helped to organize nine Katz Deli food trucks for the occasion.

Technology is critical. 

Several newer technologies are becoming second nature to food trucks. While many food trucks formerly relied mostly on Twitter and Facebook, others today are mostly turning to Instagram and Snapchat to let customers know when they are at a certain location, Goldberg says.

Meanwhile, Ingram says that one of the most popular features of his New Bohemia food truck is the free WiFi that he offers. “We give them reason to want to be close to our food truck,” he says.

Food Trends in India- Chris Cattini

Current restaurant trend is fusion foods – some restaurateurs are adding international ingredients, such as truffle oil, to Indian dishes, creating new flavours that are both interesting to Indian diners and popular with foreign tourists, who find an element of familiarity in such foods.


 Successful Restaurant Startup Secrets 

Maximise  your chances of Success using these Secrets.

Aspiring Restaurant Entrepreneurs - Do not reinvent the wheel

Get global perspective and know your customer

Learn to use Social Media

Know your Target Customer

Study your competitors

Change the menu as often as possible

Build relationship with influencers

Use Technology

Reduce Waste

Train Staff

Online Delivery Model a preferred option

Business Model

QSR/Fine dining/Retro/Pub/ Disco

Watch for trends

Instagram has become popular for capturing the food

Reply to social Media Comments

Emerging Opportunities

Food Truck

Health Foods

Vegan Foods

Indian Curries

Food Counters

Event management Sponsoring

Fusion Foods

Millets only food

Hyper Local Food

Food Delivery Models

Restaurant and Spa

Themed Restaurants

Videos on receipies

Aspiring Bloggers Innovative Recipes

 Successful Restaurant Startup Secrets

10 food trends for 2018

BBC Good Food Team

Over the last year, we've seen a wide range of food and drink trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment. We've seen a brunch boom,buddha bowls aplenty and of course, the avocado craze.

It seems 2018 is set to be a year of even more adventurous veggie and vegan cuisine while the rise of hyper-local cooking and exciting advances in technology take a firmer hold on British food culture. Wondering what to expect from the future of food and drink? Check out the BBC Good Food team's predictions for the coming year.

 Successful Restaurant Startup Secrets

Social Media Tips for Restaurant Success


This book is about the business of being in the restaurant businesses. Most restaurants fail within the first three year. During tough times, many will not reach the first year. Nearly all the reasons they fail are down to a few areas that the owner neglects to find out about. If you want to get into the restaurant business and learn the key skills to keep you there


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