Social Media Marketing Strategy

Why an entrepreneur needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Both offline and online businesses need presence in Social Media. All startups needs to attract audience and social media is the magnet that attracts audience.

Social Media Marketing Strategy-The Numbers

The Numbers justifying presence

Social Media Now Drives 31% Of All Referral Traffic-

According to a report released in 2014 by content marketing hub Shareaholic, social media is now the #1 driver of all website referral traffic. As of December 2014, 31.24% of all referral traffic was from social media; compare this to the 22.71% from the same period in the previous year.

Facebook continues to lead the pack in driving the traffic. Pinterest is growing and offers an alternate platform.

Social Media Marketing Strategy- Small Business

Small business owners need a clear strategy as they cannot afford to spend cash or their own time liberally at initial phases when business is gaining traction.  Social Media presence aids in testing ideas before committing resources.

Social media can create relationships, establish trust and earn a client for life. However, dominating your niche or market requires a strategic approach.

Role of  Blogging

“Blogging generates the most traffic for companies, and when you’re consistent at it, blogging leads to more search traffic. In fact, blogging is the #1 traffic-increasing factor, while SEO is #2."- NEIL PATEL

A Four Step Process


This above website has suggested very simple FOUR step approach.

1.   Define Your Audience

2.   Select a Channel

3.   Relevant & Consistent Posting

4. Analyse and optimise

Channels Options

1.   Facebook

2.   Pinterest

3.   Tumblr

4.   YouTube

5.   Twitter

6.   LinkedIn

7.   Instagram

8.   Google +

9.   Stumble Upon

Social Media Marketing Strategy- Recommended Books

1.Social Media Marketing : Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media -by  Evans(Author)

This book shows how to understand your audience, enter the conversation, build trust, protect your brand, integrate social media into existing marketing programs, measure your results

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Effective Strategies For Dominating Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Forums Kindle Edition-by Sachin KumarTips and Tricks• The Best Marketing Strategies That Give Great Results
• How To Utilize Social Media To Promote Yourself & Make Money
• The Best Ways To Brand & Promote Your Business
• How To Determine & Target Your Ideal Customers
• The Most Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business
• A Step By Step Walkthrough For Making Your Own Personalized Marketing Strategy Plan
• Sales Secrets That Will Allow You To Capitalize On Your Marketing Successes

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Social Media Marketing Strategy-Conclusion

“Solve problems on a daily basis and always put your best foot forward. Be a giver first – give  your knowledge, expertise and experience.” from social media strategist- Rebekah Radice.

Keep listening to the signals from social media and this can help you to be a winner in selecting the right strategy. Continuous measurement of the results from different social media channels is a must.