3D Printing Unknown Facts
Rohan Kadam-Director of 3D Spectra Technologies LLP

3D Printing Unknown Facts

3D printing is at a blazing speed, the kind of innovation and ideation we are having is phenomenal and amazing. But have you ever imagined, what makes the 3d objects manufactured from this technique make them so special and worth giving the attention to them.


Let me tell you a secret It's not only the 3d printing services which makes the things amazing and make you feel wow, there are so many port 3d printing processes which fine-tune the final product, which makes the thing more attractive, stunning, highly detailed and lovable.


Now let's dive into the actual post 3D printing manufacturing process which makes the final output so beautiful. As there are so many post processes, let's find out the unique and unknown processes:

3D Printing Unknown Facts

1.1. Sand Crafting of the product:

We have seen so many 3D automotive and super vehicle prototype which are build using this technology; they look stunning and breathtaking. We think what a technique it is, just amazing, Right? But..the whole 3d printing don't deserve the whole credit


In the post-manufacturing process, many expertise engineers and craftsmen dedicate their long hours and hours to make the piece presentable to the whole world. Sand crafting is one of the unique processes which is the next step after the product came out of the manufacturing process.


In this process, the fine craftsmen nurture the whole piece of art with his hand. Makes every corner, every edge smooth yet sharp, aggressive yet impressive and beautiful to stare at. You can consider the sand crafting process the first glorifying step towards making a masterpiece. The piece is sand crafted, every area, every ruff textured surface is fine-tuned and beautified from the hands of experts.

You will not even notice that most of the art pieces which came out of the 3d printing process are in the modular process approach. Which means developing the whole object in different segments and modules and later after all the parts were intelligently emulsified in such a way that it looks like a single piece of beauty.


This process name is gluing or the emulsification process in which every tiny and giant piece is set with each other by gluing together to create the final product. But this process is not as easy as it sounds. It is not like the traditional process of joining two pieces together with glue, this the more mosaic process which requires precise mapping.


Firstly, the 3d mapping of the objects is actively starting on a computer, and the computer gives exact values for which part requires how much glue and pressure sensitivity force to apply on that objects. This process is complex and requires precision to perform. Once the proper mapping is final, the gluing process takes place. And after this process, the sand craft process is take in use once again to ensure perfect finishing at every edge.

3D Printing Unknown Facts

3. Painting the object:


Painting a 3d developed object actual requires a lot of planning and preparation before getting started. This execution of this step is a careful game because as the modules of the product are already sanded and glued if the paint thing goes wrong, then the whole thing needs to be again from the beginning.


First, the objects are thoroughly scanned and mapped in a computer system and virtually painted on the desktop to showcase how will the final product will look after getting painted. Once all the things are ready on the virtual level, now it comes to do the paint in the real world where all the magic happens.


First, all the supporting accessories of the module or part is set apart, and the part set is the hanging at a proper height. After this, the painting of module is done layer by layer in a slow and steady process. After painting the object, it's kept for a couple of hours to get completely dry.


Once the part or module is dry and ready, then again the sand process is take in use again to ensure the peak perfection. This process is a time consuming and a slow-paced process as compared to other things.

3D Printing Unknown Facts

4. Creating a Duplicate copy of a 3D object:


Yes! You read that right, with the help of silicon moulding you can create a physical copy of the original object without putting any extra effort. With the help of this technique, you can also create a replicate of the original product in a completely different material from the previous process.


This is the most unusual and unknown fact about the 3D printing process; you can create a duplicate copy with different material too. Now that's called a real deal. But yes, this process is not an On The Go or fast process, it required significant time and perfection efforts to do the replica of an object without making anything look ordinary.

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3D Printing Unknown Facts-Conclusion

These were the unique and unknown facts about the after the 3d process. All in all, it takes a lot of time, effort and skills to get a thing near to perfection. After reading this, you might be thinking of trying some 3d printing DIY, if it is so then there are a lot of options available for you.