How to Acquire more Customers - Startups

How to Acquire more Customers per hour of work- Online Course

All startups need to acquire more customers to grow their business.

Startup / Growth Stage entrepreneurs have two resources-time and money; in reality, more of time and less of money. You are stuck and unable to grow the business.. Right Marketing approach- is a dilemma  startup and growth stage entrepreneurs face and they need a process to  quickly identify potential customers and convert them to paying customers

Taking this course will help in coming out of the predicament and the cash flow starts again.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Startup and growth stage entrepreneurs who are struggling to acquire customers. Hhave limited cash and  stuck. Looking for right fishing hole
  • Course is not those who  have to build a prototype or require huge investments for developing products

Course Goals

  1. Acquire more customers in less time
  2. Develop more efficient methods of communicating with potential customers
  3. Create a marketing Strategy following a  successful three step process

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Discover your Diamond

A simple tool to get maximum return for your efforts by identifying the right fishing hole- Discover your Diamond.

Discover your Diamond, is a three-step process to evaluate your marketing efforts for lead generation so that you will be spending time at the right fishing hole. If you market to everyone, you are not marketing to anybody.

Pre -Assignment Work Sheets

I have given a pre-assignment worksheet for you to record all your current marketing approaches and the outcome, which will later facilitate in the use of the  discover your diamond tool.

Case Studies

The course covers three case studies of startup/ growth stage entrepreneurs who have used the tool successfully and have grown their businesses. You can record your observations in the work sheet at the end of each case study. You can note down the appropriate marketing approaches for your business with the help of summary sheet provided. You will be able to apply the resources return matrix for your business with the findings from these three case studies.

Course Structure

    The course contains seven sections and fourteen lectures. I have given additional resources like pre-assignment work sheet and formats for noting down your observations. There are twelve talking head videos of 59 minutes 27seconds duration.

You can complete the course in about a hour and half. However you can take as much time as you want to discover your diamond by applying the learnings from three case studies.


Discover your diamond facilitates you to evaluate and prioritize the marketing ideas to grow your business. This does not require you to spend more money.

You can record the alternatives in discover the diamond sheet.

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