Business ideas for Women 

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Business ideas for Women - based on key strength of women

Business ideas for Women

As a woman are you looking for business ideas or  toying with many ideas.

You are undecided about the business you want to start. The key to success for any idea is how it solves the customer's  problems. The  ideas should be based on your strength of understanding the customers or the market you want to serve.

Business ideas for Women-Home based  business

The ideas covered in this blog are for those women who want to work from home.  Majority of the women entrepreneurs always give overriding priority to their family requirements and business comes second. The business ideas listed below  fulfill the need for women who want to balance home and work, at least till their children grow up.

Access to capital can be a limiting factor and the business ideas require very little cash investment at the early stage of the business.

Niche Areas of focus

These suggestions are based on the true life stories of successful women entrepreneurs whom I have mentored..

1) Children   2) Beauty   3) Food

Why Women Entrepreneurs?

I hope more and more women participate in the economic activity especially when education levels are improving.Technology is a great boon for business from home.

Research has proved that when a woman becomes entrepreneur the benefit to society is more than male entrepreneurs. The family’s living standards  go up. Women entrepreneurs also tend to employ women, thus society gets double benefits.

 An outstanding example of an institution helping women entrepreneurs is  Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.It

 lends only to women without collateral and  has produced  phenomenal results. It has been replicated in many countries.

Expert Quote

“By increasing women’s participation in the economy and enhancing their efficiency and productivity, we can bring about a dramatic impact on the competitiveness and growth of our economies.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton


  Business Ideas  for Women with little capital  investment

All the ideas listed are based on women entrepreneurs’ domain expertise and also their knowledge on what customer wants.


  1. Play School (image courtesy-Stuart Miles.);

Parents who are working   would like to leave the children in a play school and usually the number of children per class is small. The resources required are a spare room and a small investment .

Ideas with no investment

2. Arts & Craft Classes:

3. Music Classes

4. Summer Classes

5. Home tuitions

6. Children Dresses

7. Event management for children’s activities

The advantage is that all the above services can be offered simultaneously. I have observed a single room being used between 10am -3 pm as play school and from 4 pm it is music and arts class.

As the business grows you can add employees especially those women who are looking for flexible working hours.

Ideas with small investment:

Beauty and Wellness

 1.Homemade beauty products

 2.Beauty Salon

 3.Online Courses like weight reduction, beauty tips etc

 4.Bridal Dressing

 5.Classes for self care-Yoga


 1)    Cakes and bakery products

2)      Homemade   ice cream

3)      Designer Chocolates

4)      Online Cookery Classes

5)      Lunch and dinner delivery

6)      Squashes and Jams

7)      Pickles and Salads

 Business Ideas for Women -Nuggets for quick start up

Normally marketing your product/services require considerable efforts.

Initially your target market is your neighborhood and word of mouth advertisement  from your friends.

Kitty parties could be a great source of promoting yourself.

Working couples and singles always look for quality food  and  identifying them in your neighborhood is an opportunity to supply ready to eat food.

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