Current Restaurant Technology Trends 

Current Restaurant Technology Trends:

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Current Restaurant Technology Trends  49
5 Technology Trends to Know

·         A rundown of what’s new and what’s next in technology as it relates to five aspects of running a restaurant business.

In an age when technology is king—of every consumer and in every industry—it’s no surprise that four out of five customers believe technology improves their restaurant experience, according to research from restaurant software provider Toast. That’s just one of the reasons why today’s brands are putting innovative technologies to work in their stores, and often reaping the rewards from it.

But with the plethora of high-tech options out there, how do brands know what’s worth the investment? We polled several operators and industry experts to uncover which technologies are changing the game in five different areas of the restaurant—and which ones they’re itching to explore next.


Current Restaurant Technology Trends  48
Technology Trends that will impact the Restaurant Industry in 2019 
Alayna Rouse

Technology in the restaurant industry is booming and within the next year its impact will be very apparent. 

The new tech trends that will surely shake up the restaurant industry in 2019, are augmented reality,  mobile scheduling apps, and digital beverage management.

The 2019 restaurant technology trends will impact almost every step of the dining and running restaurant operations. 

Current Restaurant Technology Trends    47

5 Benefits of Investing in Restaurant Technology -Kristin Eriksen-Content Marketing Specialist

Restaurant technology falls into the following categories:

  • Kitchen automation
  • Sustainability
  • Customer care
  • Operations

Investing in restaurant technology

The benefits of investing in restaurant technology can’t be understated as customers have come to expect every part of their lives to be improved by technology. Customers want both the traditional dining hospitality combined with the conveniences of modern technology. Restaurant owners can no longer view restaurant technology as a luxury:

Restaurant technology has an effect on all aspects of restaurant operations including employee scheduling, kitchen management, and customer serviceSome benefits of implementing technology that’s suitable for your restaurant’s needs include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Better diner experience
  • Cost savings

Use Technology for Customer Loyalty Programs- APP BASED-Marketing to Millenials

Create Exceptional Experience

Some of the most successful chains like Starbucks are exploring incredible opportunities to increase customer loyalty with app-based loyalty programs.

When customers are close to receiving a loyalty reward, they spend more. That’s a great way to keep them hooked that many restaurants are exploring.

The utilities of a mobile app for restaurant are endless.

They offer convenience in quickly placing or cancelling a dinner reservation. They let you notify your customers about new deals, coupons, menu items, and events. They let them order before they arrive at the restaurant. It’s a way to create the most exceptional experience for your customers.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   44

Convenience- Mobile App. the Differentiator- ADOPT Changes to be a Winner

Panera Bread’s CEO Blaine Hurst recently spoke at the NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show. He revealed that 10 percent of Panera’s sales are coming from its rapid pickup option. Pair the ease of ordering from a mobile app with Ipad Kiosks to help customers order quicker without a long line, and Panera is dominating the quick service restaurant industry’s technology advances to gain more sales and keep customers happy. Casual dining isn’t dead, but it’s becoming much harder for these brands to compete with the convenience that the quick service restaurants have to offer. In the busy lifestyles that people live these days, they are more and more interested in convenience and take out options than sitting down inside a restaurant and being served or even preparing something in their own home.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends    43

Veggie Grill Launches Improved Rewards App

The app now makes it easier than ever to skip the line while simultaneously “earning a little extra green.”

Through cutting-edge technology, the key functionalities of the VG rewards app include enhanced online ordering flow, exclusive discounts and rewards, and a mobile wallet enabling customers to store digital gift cards with a unique balance transfer option. For earning and redeeming rewards, diners will have the option of either scanning a QR code within the app while checking out at the cashier or using their mobile device to scan the bar code on their receipt at a later time. Users will earn $5 in rewards credits for signing up, referring a friend, and for birthdays, in addition to $9 for every $99 spent.

With the new app, users will experience a more tailored and customized ordering process.  Veggie Grill will now collect 360-degree insights on customers enabling them to tailor special offers and execute targeted campaigns through segmenting users based on geolocation, ordering and spending habits.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends    42

Connected Technologies: Transforming the QSR Guest Experience

Today’s QSR crews rely heavily on technology to drive performance. These technology solutions range from point of sale systems and digital menu boards in the front of house to kitchen management and drive-thru solutions in the back of house. Not to mention the restaurant management solutions that pull everything together.

The Power of the Connected Restaurant

By connecting the technologies in the front and back of house, as well as above the restaurant, not only will the crew and management be empowered with invaluable insights, they will be able to transform the guest experience into a memorable event that builds lifetime loyalty and drives long-term sustained growth.

Lee Pearson is the Director of Sales and Marketing at SICOM

Source;Modern Restaurant

Current Restaurant Technology Trend    41

Technology in Fast Food Restaurants (QSR)

Quick service restaurants work with tight margins and high operating costs, so opportunities to boost efficiency and save money are always being considered. A common theme is the practice of keeping up with the latest technology for information and resource management, and leveraging quality analytics to minimise waste and monitor performance gains.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends  40


It isn’t the case anymore that self-service kiosks are just supplemental to a restaurant’s ecosystem, now there are restaurants that solely utilize self-service kiosks for ordering. In an effort to make fast food faster, cut down on operational costs, and improve order accuracy – restaurants are prioritizing the self-service kiosk.

Huge chains like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Panera Bread, and others have rolled out self-service kiosks, but a handful of restaurants have taken it a step further. Eatsa, Honeydew, and Moxie’s are among a new breed of “automat-style restaurants,” restaurants that are completely self-service. This trend demands incredibly user-friendly and reliable yet advanced self-service technology.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   39

3 Keys To Engaging QSR Customers Effectively On


Mobile has made it possible for QSR brands to reach their customer more effectively and to provide them with a more engaging, more valuable brand experience—but only if they approach it the right way.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   38

Mobile Technology is Rapidly Changing (and Overwhelming) the Restaurant Industry-Suzanne Scacca

There are mobile apps like MojoBistro and Adiante Apps that give you the ability to make your own personalized apps for your restaurant, helping you keep control of your restaurant’s image while gaining access to information about your patrons. And then there’s ChowNow, a comprehensive marketing tool that not only allows you to have full control over your restaurant’s app, but of the full ordering process on any platform.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   37

The Well-Connected Restaurant: Online & Mobile Tech is Driving Restaurant Industry Success

By David Strom and Ira Brodsky, Datacomm Research

Restaurant chains’ adoption of connected technology is leading the way for the entire retail industry. Restaurant are learning how to use connected technology to attract customers, deliver better experiences, and convince customers to keep coming back. Bricks and mortar retailers who have lost business to online competitors should pay close attention.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   36

Smartphones Are Radically Altering The Restaurant

Photo sharing platforms such as Instagram allow people to document every facet of their meals and share them with friends. This is actually an incredible boon to the restaurant industry.

People are inclined to trust their friends, and when someone shares a gorgeous photo on Instagram, it often sparks a desire in others to go to that place.

A simple Instagram search of the hashtag #FoodPorn turns up well over 135 million posts, most of which feature gorgeous dishes from around the world. These photos essentially become mini advertisements for those restaurants and their chefs.

Additionally, popular food photographers accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Every one of their posts serves as a hugely powerful word-of-mouth referral for that particular chef, eatery, or dish.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   35

5 Ways Mobile Apps impact your restaurant Marketing

Custom mobile applications are in a similar stage where websites and mobile were not long ago, but the real shift in small businesses using apps is soon to arrive. When it does, you don’t want to be left behind.

The benefits of having your own restaurant app are plentiful, and, as it’s still a fairly unexplored medium, there’s a lot of room for innovation.

Although having an app created for your business might seem like a daunting financial investment, that perception is changing, with many online service companies offering affordable payment plans for development and ongoing maintenance — and many more jumping on the bandwagon.

Having your own app means being more directly connected to your customers.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   34

Importance of Mobile Application for Restaurants Industry-Bhargav Thakkar

Link between Smartphone Invention and Restaurant Industry
In the early 21st century, the mobile phones were so basic but after the invention of Smartphone, the entire mobile industry has changed. Now with the Smartphone one can easily access the internet right from the touch of the finger. This technology has opened the various ways for many businesses to get the new customer and restaurant industry is one of them.

Now, people don’t have to wait in the queue to have their food because now they can book their table well in advance with the help of mobile applications. They can also give their opinion; find a good restaurant, read other people’s review and much more all these from their Smartphone. Apart from this, with restaurant mobile app people can check the restaurant menu and prices. They can also compare two restaurants by their food, price, facilities and distance.

In nutshell, we can say that mobile application has played the win-win role for both customers and restaurant owners. Customers can get their favorite food in best restaurant hassel free where restaurant owners can get new and happy customers with the help of mobile application.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   33

Mobile Technology Changes the Game for Restaurants

 Andrew Gazdecki

Mobile Can Make Any Restaurant More Efficient

As stated above, 70% of the world is projected to have smartphone access within the next few years. By being visible on those devices by way of popular apps and games, your business gains visibility. The more people that become familiar with your business, the greater your chances of earning more customers.

Beyond customer acquisition, mobile makes it easier to retain customer loyalty. Loyalty may be hard to come by, but mobile loyalty programs greatly up your chances of finding it. They also make it a lot easier for your guests to share their experiences and make recommendations to their friends.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   32

9 Must-Have Restaurant Technologies That Improve Business

Automated Inventory Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to spend hours per week manually logging your inventory? Now, systems like Bevspot can automatically track inventory for you.

With traditional spreadsheets, you run the risk of clerical errors that lead to costly mistakes. Plus, if you want to run a comparison or check for inconsistencies in inventory – you have to manually configure data. Instead, inventory restaurant technologies can instantly run reports for you.

Some programs even automate order suggestions so you don’t over or under spend for the week.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   31

Is Digital Restaurant The Future Of Food Business

Better Customer Service

Restaurateurs have experienced an enhancement in their service using technology. Customers are also looking forward to use more technology in food service sector within coming years because it is convenient.

They can book a table by sitting on their couch, order food online and have a glimpse at the menu on the screen. In the end, we can only say that customers and restaurateurs both are in the happy boat being tech savvy.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   30

Five Digital Trends Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

  • The emergence of promising new digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Cloud-First, APIs and Microservices, Augmented and Virtual Reality intertwined with data is transforming how restaurants operate to deliver great guest experiences.
  • Hence it becomes important for restaurants to leverage the latest digital technologies at the core of their business in order to have a trans-formative impact in driving guest engagement and building brand loyalty.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   29

The New Digital Reality for Restaurants

Dylan Bolden , Patrick Hadlock , Mary Martin , Amanda Luther , and Lauren Taylor

Digital is disrupting every segment of the restaurant value chain—whether it’s in-store or consumer-facing technology or third-party insurgents, such as digitally enabled delivery services and aggregators.

These digital realities are causing restaurant brands to consider, or make, changes in a number of core functions. For many brands that face the challenge of attracting and retaining digital-savvy millennials and Generation Zers, marketing is the function in which digital activities, such as loyalty programs and mobile marketing, are finding a home.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   28

Minimize errors in your restaurant with the right management system- Giada Pezzini

Reputation is key when you run a restaurant; this is especially true in the age of social media. Serving the wrong dish, charging an incorrect amount, are all mistakes that may lose you not only the customers who experienced the problem, but also all the potential customers who read online reviews.

Although running a successful restaurant is mostly down to passion, discipline, and clear rules, technology can help. By automatizing complex tasks, restaurateurs can reduce the risk of mistakes, and are free to focus on other, more satisfactory parts of their job – such as preparing delicious menus and welcoming guests.

Restaurant management systems can do much more than streamlining financial operations

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   27

For Restaurants, a New World of Cyber Risks

Rather than focusing solely on security, it’s important for restaurants to develop strategies incorporating security protocols that are monitored regularly, and then support their operations with detailed recovery and resiliency plans they can implement immediately should a crisis occur.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   26

The Risks of Restaurant Tech-What will become of all that data?- Daniela Galarza

Any thing good has always downside. Data leaks is apotential threat.

But it still seems that the rewards outweigh the risks — provided that restaurateurs keep both in mind.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   25

Technology Is Eating Restaurants And The First Course Is QSRs


Technology is completely reinventing the modern dining experience, and the days of the Luddite restaurateur are numbered.  Startups are enabling certain parts of the restaurant industry to be faster on their feet and more aware of the behaviors of both consumers and employees. We see the most pronounced movements in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry–logically so due to the character of the business: high customer frequency and lower emphasis on human service.*technology-is-eating-restaurants-and-the-first-course-is-qsrs/

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   24

How technology impacts restaurant operations-Ray Abramson

As the restaurant industry adopts new digital solutions, technology will only become more ingrained into what’s considered “normal business operations”. New shifts in the way customers interact with restaurants, from ordering to paying, and the way restaurants manage their operations will continue to evolve.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   23

Four ways technology could impact restaurants in the future-Nikki Gilliland@Econsultancy

Today, 57% of customers agree that technology in restaurants improves their guest experience. And while we’ve already seen the introduction of apps and bots from restaurant chains, this only marks the start of how technology might further impact the hospitality industry in years to come.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   22

How restaurants can use technology to influence customer trigger points-Alicia Kelso

The mobile experience has five trigger points that restaurant operators need to keep in mind when creating a strategy:

  • Restaurant discovery and online pre-ordering;
  • Check-in, menu preview and data-driven offers;
  • In-restaurant and table-mobile interaction;
  • Mobile payment and check out. “This is the moment of truth; this is why we rendered the service. We want to get paid and mobile payment in-store has real opportunity,” Crone said.
  • E-receipts, social sharing and promotions.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   21

 Improve your Customer Expereince and get Competitve Advantage using Technology

It's true - the sheer amount of restaurant hardware that's available to restaurateurs can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to your wallet.

What Technology is on the plate??

The 7 Most Important Types of Technology Used in a Restaurant- AJ Beltis

Current Restaurant Technology Trends   # 20

How Technology Is Affecting Restaurants?

Why more technology?
According to the Eater, technology is popular in restaurants because it may reduce overhead costs and can more easily gather customer information that can lead to better sales. With modern technology, restaurants may be able to operate more efficiently and with fewer employees. This possibility will likely keep restaurant owners interested in testing and implementing new technology as it becomes available. Still, the Eater reports that there will be a large number of customers who are not so enthused by new restaurant technology. These people will likely still prefer to deal with regular host and wait staff.

Current Restaurant Technology Trends  # 19

How is technology affecting the restaurant industry?

Elina Barklon


Restaurant guests are able to check into restaurants on their smart phones. Rather than contact a friend to let them know where they are, people are now logging into Facebook or Foursquare and finding friends according to where they last were. For restaurateurs tapped into this technology, this can be a useful tool for identifying frequent customers in order to offer promotions or communicate with specific customers directly.

 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  # 18

Five Ways Technology Is Impacting the Restaurant Industry Right Now

 Blogs and social media have turned things upside down for the restaurant industry. Online reviews give the customers the ability to talk about their experiences immediately. This can spread good news far and wide, but it also has the potential to allow harmful reviews to spread more quickly. 

Patrons are able to talk about their experience online immediately, which can either spread priceless awareness and publicity or leave a restaurant open to potentially harmful reviews. Learning to deal with bloggers and online reviews is important for any restaurant making a name for itself today.


 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  # 17 

How it Helps Improving Customer Service!!

How Technology Is Helping Restaurants Grow

Andrew Gazdecki

Mastering restaurant tech in the digital age is all about delivering the best convenience and value to your customers. What makes the Starbucks app so successful? Why do people love Domino’s online ordering platform? What makes Little Caesars’ new vending machine pickup system, where customers order on their phone and pick up their order without needing to interact with a Little Caesars employee a customer favorite? Simple, they work flawlessly to meet and exceed the expectations and desires of their unique customers. Starbucks knows people are in a morning rush and long queues is a detriment to their ability to make it to work on time, so their hugely efficient mobile ordering system speeds up the checkout process.

 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  16

7 technologies transforming the restaurant industry

From the cash register to the kitchen, technology is an integral part of how restaurants operate. Innovators are constantly coming up with new digital solutions to make running a restaurant easier, faster, and more profitable. This tech revolution has turned once imagined solutions into food service necessities, entirely transforming the restaurant business.

Over the years, technology has become the key ingredient for success in the modern food service industry. Simply having good food is not enough to keep a restaurant in business as it is the newest innovations that give restaurants the much-needed edge over the competition. Although these technologies come at a cost, the results that restaurants see in their business is well worth the investment.

Niall Keane, CEO of SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software

 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  15

7 Ways the Restaurant Status Quo Is Being Disrupted

David Cantu



 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  -14

4 Hot Restaurant Technology Trends You Must Invest Into In 2018-Indiez

The customer experience has become the biggest differentiator among companies in the Digital Age, and technology is helping restaurants achieve a greater competitive advantage.

So, what does this mean for your restaurant?

For the first time in history, the majority of consumers are — arguably — more interested in how they buy instead of what they buy.

Experience vs. quality is becoming increasingly relevant across all different

Restaurant Technology Trends  -13

3 Emerging Technologies Taking Restaurant by Storm

Self-Order Kiosks

Alright - this one’s admittedly for QSRs, but self-order kiosks are revolutionizing the quick service restaurant experience by empowering restaurant-goers for the first time. Don’t believe it? Well, maybe you’ll believe Wendy's, Protein Bar, and McDonald's - all of which are using kiosks in their restaurants.

 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  -12

6 Ways Technology Is Changing Restaurants in 2018 and Beyond-Ben Leventhal

It used to be that software only helped a restaurant earn a customer at booking. Now, because new software exists to manage and enhance every milestone along the customer journey, from discovery to feedback to rebooking, the process of turning new customers into regulars is scalable.

 Current Restaurant Technology Trends  -11

Four Restaurant Technology Trends You Need to Know — Now

Technology continues to assume an increasingly important role in the restaurant industry, with a growing number of restaurant operators implementing a variety of solutions to increase sales and differentiate their establishments from the pack.

These restaurant technology trends are growing because they address the needs to today’s time-crunched tech-savvy consumer. Evaluate your operation to see how you are meeting your customers’ needs and giving them the fast, convenient experiences they are looking for.

Restaurant Technology Trends  -# 10


Restaurants however have been one trade to employ a range of technologies and have embraced these as a vehicle for delivering what the customer wants; fast, quality service and excellent choices.

So if you see yourself as a player in the industry, here is some food for thought representing just a few choices for service providers.

Restaurant Food Delivery Trends  -# 09

Innovative Food Delivery Trends in 2018-  Dan Pecha

"Consumers want the 'dining out' experience of quality food, but...similar to the consumer value online direct-to-door shopping fulfills, there is the appeal of being in the comfort of their own homes, and not having to deal with the 'hassle' of the outside world.”- Bonnie Riggs

Restaurant Technology Trends  -# 08

The 2018 Restaurant Technology Trends To Watch Out

Caitlin Stanley

Restaurant Food Delivery Trends # 07

Here is a Brilliant Startup Idea of Online Office Food Ordering & Delivery Business

Getting food from your favorite restaurants during work week can often become a hassle. The online office food ordering and delivery business surely fills the void between busy professionals and delicious food from nearby restaurants.

Restaurant Food Delivery Trends # 06

7 Food Delivery Industry Trends for 2017

Ellie Hubble 

Technology will continue to propel the industry forward

The most effective delivery brands will harness data and champion UX( User Experience)

Top 5 Food Delivery Industry Trends for 2018 That Cannot Be Missed

Sumit Garg-Project Manager @ Octal Info Solution

The landscape of the food delivery had gained the massive acceleration with the time. Well, who would like to take the pain of standing in the queues waiting for their delicious food? Simply, no one, and so to allow the food-savvy generation to enjoy their yummy meals at the doorsteps, the food delivery industries are constantly taking the steps for meeting the growing user demands.

The evolution of Food Development Industry had left all the business verticals spellbound and many of them are embarking on the same, for making huge turnovers.

Restaurant Delivery Trends to Know in 2018

The line between eating out and dining in continues to blur. Home delivery or pickup is available from even many upscale restaurants. People prepare restaurant quality meals from kits that boast fresh ingredients and no waste.

The latest development in this trend is the addition of increasingly sophisticated technologies. Where it was once necessary for individual restaurants to employ delivery people of their own, there is now any number of delivery services available on call such as Seamless, UberEats, and GrubHub. No more must restaurant managers worry that they will be caught short-handed or overstaffed. They must pay a substantial percentage of the meal order, but for the most part, it’s more cost-effective than hiring a delivery person.

Restaurant Food Delivery Trends # 03

4 Food delivery trends to watch out for in 2018 - Appscrip Blog

It’s no surprise that one of the major drivers for the online food delivery market is convenience and easy accessibility. With millennials being the largest consumer segment of this market, consumers have gotten accustomed to food delivery apps that provide a wide variety of restaurants, offers, reviews and quick food delivery.

The global online on-demand food delivery services market with sales expecting to reach $220 Billion by 2020 (nearly 40% of total restaurant sales) as a result of it.

Innovative Food Delivery Trends in 2018-Dan Pecha

"Consumers want the 'dining out' experience of quality food, but...similar to the consumer value online direct-to-door shopping fulfills, there is the appeal of being in the comfort of their own homes, and not having to deal with the 'hassle' of the outside world.

Food Delivery in 2018: ‘Dining In’ is The New ‘Eating Out

According to NPD, 50 percent of dinners purchased from restaurants these days are consumed at home, and this number is only expected to grow in 2018. As Bonnie Riggs, analyst for NPD sums it up: “the most popular place to eat out this year will be our home.”

What makes this number even more interesting is that besides the delivery segment, no growth is forecasted across the restaurant industry. This means that restaurants, and chains in particular, need to quickly react to these user trends and step up their delivery efforts.

Trend # 022


Tacos Come Out of Their Shell 
The company say the taco is changing, they’re speaking about more and more people choosing to use the taco for more than savory dishes, so expect taco desserts. They’re also speaking about the evolution of the tortilla as more and more people look to buy varieties made with heirloom corns. They also say we should expect more leafy greens, lettuces and seaweeds to start housing our tacos in 2018.

Trend # 021

8 Top 2018 Food Trends to Rock Your Restaurant

 Emerging 2018 food trends reveal savvy customers who are health and ingredient conscious but also want extravagant indulgences

Trend # 020

7 Food Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

Medicinal Food

Probiotics have had more than their fair share of the spotlight in recent years — suddenly everywhere we look, from yogurt to skincare, everyone is touting their inclusion of probiotics in their products. However, probiotics alone just aren’t cutting it.

Expect to see an emphasis on “gut healing” and Ayurvedic foods in 2018 — things like kimchi and sauerkraut, along with other pickled vegetables, will become even more popular as we aim to regenerate our bodies from the very root of our systems — our stomachs. Additionally, expect to see different types of supplements, like collagen and amino acids, being talked about extensively this year.


Trend # 019

Moringa, veggie jerky and the next Instant Pot: The hot new food trends of 2018

Dr. Carrie Waterman from the University of California at Davis has been studying moringa  for several years and published a report last summer comparing the anti-inflammatory properties of moringa  to those of turmeric and found that moringa is more potent than turmeric.

Look for moringa in smoothies, bowls, bars, and yes, lattes, in the coming year. It's also readily available in powder-form, protein bars and energy shots from companies like Kuli Kuli And chefs are getting into moringa too.

Chef Gerardo Gonzalez of Tribeca’s Lalito, uses moringa in his chickpea guacamole to add “great flavor but also to create the green color needed to make the dip look just like the real thing.”

Trend # 18

15 food trends for 2018

Over the last year, we've seen a wide range of food and drink trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment. We've seen a brunch boom, buddha bowls aplenty and of course, the avocado craze.

It seems 2018 is set to be a year of even more adventurous veggie and vegan cuisine while the rise of hyper-local cooking and exciting advances in technology take a firmer hold on British food culture. Wondering what to expect from the future of food and drink? Check out the BBC Good Food team's predictions for the coming year.

Trend # 17

13 Healthy Food Trends That Are Going Mainstream in 2018

Trend # 16

 9 Fast Food Trends for 2018

There are some trends from this year that will continue to be relevant going forward, including balancing health with taste and the importance of the appearance of food on social media.

QSR Magazine

Trend # 15

The 2018 fast food consumer trends the QSR

One thing is going to reign supreme for the quick service restaurants (QSR) industry in 2018, and that’s the need to compete with sit-down locations.

These full-service restaurants are beginning to expand into places primarily controlled by QSRs in the past. While consumers have tended to choose fast food for its ability to deliver in a hurry, now even full-service locations are ramping up the speed with offerings like mobile ordering and home delivery.

In response, fast food consumer trends in 2018 are going to be about QSRs delivering higher quality experiences, while continuing to provide value and speed.

Technology will be a major driver of QSR marketing strategies for 2018, as it helps QSR companies provide a better customer experience within the restaurant and offer more personalization

industry must prepare for

Trend # 14

9 Fast Food Trends for 2018

Quick-service operators can expect an even more cut-throat market—if such a thing even seems possible—in 2018, as restaurant experts predict tougher competition for the value-minded consumer.

But that's not all restaurateurs will have to worry about in the new year: Diners will increasingly want big, bold flavors.

They'll demand healthy ingredients, healthy-ish indulgences and drinks and dishes that look interesting enough to generate likes and comments on social media.

Trend # 13


Deep fried, arepa, modern Indian makeovers and food as medicine. Take a look at these 2018 food trend predictions.

Trend # 12

Street Food

Street food is renowned for being at the forefront of food innovation and its popularity has exploded in recent years. Its transient nature means it can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for new flavours, textures and winning combinations – some great, such the rise of tacos and all things Mexican, others more questionable, like the “unicorn” food trend.

Trend # 11


You’ve probably played around with syringes in cocktails already, but now restaurants want you to inject more flavors into food. Perhaps the idea of this is to get diners “involved,” or overload dishes with even more sauce. You’ll notice this trend on potato-cheddar balls, oysters, and frozen desserts.

Trend # 10

Nutritional Foods

With high level of awareness and access to information sources, consumers are increasingly seeking food and drink products that are healthy, fresh and score high on nutritional value. Additionally, customers gravitate towards products that are sugar free, gluten free, lactose free and have a low calorific value. Food and drink manufacturers are focusing on procuring natural ingredients and substituting them for artificial flavors and substances.

Trend # 09

Consumers seek comfort from modernised updates of age-old formulations, flavours and formats.
People are seeking the safety of products that are recognisable rather than revolutionary. The trust in the familiar emphasises the opportunity for manufacturers to look to the past as a dependable source of inspiration such as “ancient” product claims including ancient grains and also ancient recipes, practices and traditions. Potential also exists for innovations that use the familiar as a base for something that’s new, but recognisable, such as cold-brew coffee.

Trend # 08

Plant- based Protein

Vegetables will take center stage as more people learn that plant-based proteins like chickpeas, broccoli rabe, and portobello mushrooms are healthier options for themselves and the environment.

"I think the plant-forward [trend] is going to be more important in 2018 because people are understanding [that] less animal protein is better for their health and the environment," says nutritionist Elizabeth Fassberg.

Trend # 07

Heath of the Planet

  1. Just because we cannot change everything overnight does not mean baby steps towards conservation cannot, and must not, be taken.
  2. A lot of hotels and restaurants, both big and small, are trying to push a localized approach to sourcing their ingredient.                              

Trend # 06

The (continued) Emergence of Social Media Chefs

One of the best things social media has done for the F&B industry worldwide, is to give a platform to chefs to reach out to their followers, talk about their kitchen escapades and make business related announcements directly to people who would be frequenting their outlets.

Trend # 05

A Return to the Roots

2018 is expected to be the year where more importance will be given to the authentic native cuisines of India. The year will witness people returning back to their roots. Currently, there are various restaurants which focuses on various international cuisines, however, there are hardly few restaurants which gives due attention and credit to the native food culture. Think yourself, how many good restaurants serve Meghalayan cuisine, for example?

Emerging Trend in 2018 Series
Follow the trends if you are planning a restaurant startup.

Trend # 04

Plant-based dishes

Zucchini pastas and zoodles have already arrived, to the extreme pleasure of Indian vegetarians, vegans and health freaks. 2018 promises to deliver more on the plant-based dishes category. Plant-based dairy will also expand, and you'll be able to actually give veganism a shot if you want.

Trend # 03

Food/ restaurants trends for 2018: Light desserts, vegan, gluten-free, protein packed desserts. There will be a focus on more local ingredients and digital menus.

Pooja Dhingra, founder of Le15 Patisserie and Studio Fifteen Culinary Centre


Idea # 02

Going Back to Your Flavour Roots

'Eat what your grandmother ate' is something we heard many of the country's top nutritionists say in 2017. This year, many more will follow this trend. A certain appreciation for heritage millets and old-world recipes is making its way back into home kitchens. Blame it on the rise of lifestyle diseases or our love for everything traditional, but millets like jowar and bajra will be used in cakes, cookies, muffins and crackers extensively this year. Home Chefs, another growing trend albeit not new anymore, will drive this as they run smaller kitchens where the recipe for success is a mix of experimentation and quality control.

Source food.trends.ndtv

Idea # 01

Experience, Not Food Alone

"Restaurants will focus on the experience more than food alone", says Vir Sanghvi. Perhaps, this can be seen in the success of restaurants like SodaBottleOpenerWala and Priyank Sukhija's Lights Camera Action at Delhi's Haus Khas Village. 2018 will see Indian restaurateurs focus more on front of the house than ever before. The service, staff, design will also drive customers to these places

Source food.trends.ndtv

Emerging Opportunities for Restaurant Startup Ideas

Restaurant startup is  a dream for many. India as country has a host of regional cuisine. Within that region there are varieties of food. Health consciousness is an important  ingredient of Millennials..There are several reasons for emerging opportunities in starting a food business

There is glamour in this industry. Migration for employment has increased and people love to eat their regional food.. Most of the families eating out at least once a week is the norm.

Technology has enabled food delivery at your doorstep. This is a boon for senior citizens, those who have a very little time to prepare food.and home alone members.

Fusion cuisine and willingness to experiment new foods

Indians travelling  for jobs and holiday has increased many fold. This has exposed our community to international food.

Cookery shows, contests, Television also conducts demo sessions.

Availability of  specialty ingredients has improved