Turning Dreams to Reality
Bhargavi Sumanam- First Year MBA-AIMS

Turning Dreams to Reality- How?

Give wings to your dreams.. It will  surely make you a doer…….!!!!!

                                   Dreaming is the phenomenon that every person under the sun experiences it. Some dreams seem so real, that it is hard to believe it actually didn’t happened …. Nightmares are often the scariest parts of the dreams. Why do someone doesn’t want to dream any nightmare ? It was never a happy one to be satisfied, It was never a way to reach the destination, It was always an obstacle to see the light…. What is that single element which sparks your will and make you the one you always dreamt of ?

Turning Dreams to Reality-Quotes

1.All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

2.A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell

Turning Dreams to Reality-Was it a dream?

                                       Our sub conscious mind always has a check list what we wanted in our life … The ones which we achieved, the ones which we had to and the ones we missed…!! Brain acts as a projector and creates visuals which seem to be really happening  … we consider it to be a dream. We see many day dreamers in our life . We start smiling at them thinking , its just a waste of time…. But we never knew which cloud is planning for a thunderstorm.

                                       Now, a question rises… Does every dreamer achieves what he actually dreams about ? The answer is within it …. When you are only dreaming about it … Who is going to make it happen ? Start working while you think of achieving it…. Dreamers think about the destination and fantasise the fairy tales… Where as doers think about the journey they had to go through… And start travelling towards the target.. 

Dreamers think about moon, while doers start climbing the ladder towards the moon….

I dreamt it …..  I did it 

           Differences between dreamers and doers. :

                                      There are women who are dreaming to do job after their marriage ….. While Mrs. Pratibha Patil , became the first women President of India….

                                      There are many day dreamers who dream to be famous, While The God Of Cricket, Dr.Sachin Tendulkar , became the nightmare of his opponents……

There is only one thing that drew a line between doers and dreamer …. Dedication towards the work they do… Determination towards the goal…. Decisions that made them closer to the target…… Mostly, not to be neglected…. They are doers…..

Turning Dreams to Reality -I am living my dream…….

My dreams are bigger than sky …

deeper than the ocean…

They bear the loudest smiles and cry…..

Still… i am going to live the toughest dreams… 

They bear the scariest moments

And the challenging targets..!!!

Wake me up from the dozing nights….

Still… I am going to live the toughest dreams…. 

They rise my spirits up

shake me from the bottom of my heart

Make my guts ready for the darts….!!!

Still… I am going to live the toughest dreams… 

I may fall down..

But I rise like a tide again and again…!!!

Even though you give me pain…

I am sure ….. I am on the side of gain…

Yeah…!!!!! I Live The Toughest Dreams…..!!!

Turning Dreams to Reality-Words of Wisdom

6 Habits That Turn Dreams Into Reality

The secret of turning wishful thinking into a life of action and achievement.

Turning Dreams to Reality- Conclusion

Once an entrepreneur rightly said…       “ Start preparing your speech for the award winning ceremony..” So that your brain believes that you are already successful … and your dreams visualises them … Finally you become the doer……!!!!!!!