Content Marketing Gems

Content Marketing Gems- Do you want to build online traffic/ build a brand. Co-opt the king/queen of the digital world

Content Marketing Gems- What is Content marketing ?

"Content marketing is a type of marketing technique that includes the sum total of content creation, sharing and publishing to attract potential customers to your brand, products, goods and or services.

Nowadays, content is being presented in many forms such as news, videos, infographics, white papers, case studies, e-books, how-to-guides, questions and answer articles, resource articles, etc."-Taye Paul Olubayo

Content Marketing Gems- Benefits

Our aim of content marketing is to inform people about your brand and services. It’s vital to making sure that your consumers sign up for your blogs/newsletters and share your content.

If your website contains engaging and useful content related to your market niche, you’ll be noticed by prime search engine providers like Google. Further, it helps you rank better on SERPs as well. To getting the best out of your content marketing efforts, sure that the content of your website is engaging and Informative.

Content Marketing Gems # 01

Why constantly promoting your services on social media can have the opposite effect.

What if when you were with your friends, you could only talk about ONE thing… every single time you hung out. And that one thing was something you were trying to sell them. YIKES. Probably not the best way to keep friends around, right?

The same idea holds true for social media practices. If a company only posts about their products and services, their followers may quickly tire of hearing about it. Ideally, companies will intersperse this type of information among other content that is a little more personal and engaging. Just as your friends want to learn more about you, a company’s following typically wants more than just a sales message.

At Jemully, we like to follow the “80/20” rule for social media marketing. This rule says only 20% of the content will directly promote your products or services. The other 80% can be topics related to your brand, or things that you have strategically planned that your audience will enjoy. We can adjust these percentages, depending on the client, but it is a good rule of thumb. You are more likely to get engagement on your posts if they vary in type. It makes your sales pitch less likely to be tuned out by your audience.

Content Marketing Gems # 02

Not Knowing the audience

Arguably the first, and most important, step of marketing is to establish your demographic. once you get to know who you are, it will be easier to identify what they are looking for in your content, and what they find valuable. With this information, you will be able to formulate a message that will not only entertain and engage them, but possibly convert your readers into leads and customers.

If you don’t know your audience, it only means that you’re not delivering quality content. A business becomes successful if it creates effective solutions to existing problems. Marketing to the general public is like voluntarily walking blind into a minefield.

Content Marketing Gems # 03

Google Analytics Isn’t Everything

There is a lot of good info on Google  Analytics. I’ve used all kinds of trackers, from WP plugins to Facebook Pixel, and GA is by far the best for tracking every visitor. However, when it comes to finding out how they got into your site, it isn’t very good. It’ll tell you whether they came direct or from the Google search engine, but for the vast majority it doesn’t tell you which keywords they used.

For that you need SEM rush or even Google webmaster Tools. Both will help you to gain a better understanding of how people find your site, as well as what they do when they get there. This info is essential for many projects, but it’s especially essential for anyone looking to do local SEO.

For instance, I worked with a top lawyer who had a very regional practice and needed to understand how many people from this region were visiting. GA wasn’t enough for that and while SEMRush was better, it wasn’t complete enough. In the end we ended up using SEMRush, Google Webmaster Tools, and a WP plugin called Count Per Day to paint a complete picture of everyone coming in and out.

And if you don’t have that foundation, then you can’t go anywhere with your online business.

Content Marketing Gems # 04

Can I tell you a secret? Around one quarter of my content marketing strategy is directly informed by what my competitors are doing. It’s immensely helpful to watch their tactics and see how they work in a real time or historic context. All the information I need is at my fingertips, and I didn’t have to gather, curate or analyze it myself.

Using competitive marketing monitoring is the perfect way to help you to see what your audience (many of whom overlap with those competitors, big or small) are responding to. That then gives insight into their needs.

Create your competitive analysis summary

What is it that your customers are looking for right now? Do they have any questions that they are burning to have answered? Maybe you have some information that gives a different perspective on an element of the industry they hadn’t considered.

These are ways in which you can frame your content marketing strategy, part of which is going to come from your own research and labor. The rest will be readily available by watching your competitors and the people they are managing to target.

It is also possible to do your own monitoring through a manual process of curating data.


Content Marketing Gems - Parting word

Content Marketing has become essential  even when you do not sell online. Brand building and , promotions are essential parts of any business.. One has to understand the gems to be effective in content marketing.Infographics and images are powerful tools. Always give as much free contents s possible to benefit your potential customers.

Images / Videos are a must to attract your potential readers. If you are promoting nature put nature/ scenery as image.

May you be called the king of contents among the contents.