Digital Marketing Missteps

 Why Startups should be aware of  reasons for Digital Marketing Missteps?Digital marketing has become an important tool to achieve success in any marketing efforts. Customer acquisition is vital but what cost?  A well planned and  executed Digital Marketing strategy  can be done at an affordable cost to startups. Cash being oxygen  cannot be used liberally. Money wasted can be disastrous for a startup.

Prevention is better than cure. A compilation of  the reasons for Digital Marketing Failure from experts,blogs and podcasts is what is on offer for you. 

There are several reasons for the failure but the blog is focussing on three key reasons.

1. Content 2. Lack of SEO techniques 3. Network is in sufficient

 Digital Marketing Missteps -I hear it all the time.

“Digital Marketing doesn’t work. I know it doesn’t work because I have spent $10k, $30k… or even $100k and got absolutely nothing back. It’s a waste of time and money.”

But of course behind the strong statement is frustration.

The frustrated business owner knows that everyone is spending more and more of their time on phones and laptops. They know that if they want to be visible to their market they have to be online. And yet their digital campaigns keep failing… and they keep burning through cash.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of the online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, their websites, and online advertisements to carry out their marketing motives of brand/product awareness, user engagement and connect, etc

Digital Marketing Missteps - Weak Foundation??? ( WEBSITE)

Customer is the King or Queen for any business. Every business wants to attract new customers and also retain existing customers. Customer connect, communication and feedback is essential. In the era of smartphones and ever increasing internet speeds  website is the first gate that any intended buyer opens

Every business today has a website and startups are no exception. Website design, contents, look and feel is the first impression about  any company's image in the mind of the customer.

If your website does not  attract eyeballs and repulses the visitor the money spent on Digital Marketing goes down the drain. 

The website should designed keeping in mind what customer wants and not what the startup wants. It should be specific  in meeting the customer need or what problem it solves.

First Step;

Learning How to design an effective website that will attract potential customers.

Digital Marketing Missteps-Content

A startup by a soloprenuer or by a a small team may not have required expertise in writing a quality content. Their website might have the best design but the content is poor and unattractive.Content cannot be onetime effort but it has to be consistently good and relevant.

Digital Marketing Missteps-  Not understanding  SEO

Any Campaign strategy needs to be measured for its effectiveness.. Search Engine Optimization( SEO)   should result  in maximum visitors to  the website. The conversion of visitors to customers can be any where between 2-5 %. This underlines the importance of attracting  people to visit website..

A mentee of mine with   website told me that once he used SEO his traffic went up by 10 times.

Digital Marketing Missteps- Importance of Networking

No networking

Digital marketing success, like most things in life, is hard to come by when you operate alone. If you want to succeed, you need to build relationships. I recommend your relationship building efforts include:

  • Your clients
  • Top publishers
  • Influential leaders in your space
  • People from companies in related fields, a.k.a. partners

You can probably think of ways to elongate that list and you should. Your network will be key to collaborating to create more interesting marketing content, meeting new people, amplifying your reach, winning business, and opening doors.

You’re familiar with the “know, like, and trust” trifecta of marketing. Recognize the third one, trust, is the hardest to earn and recognize too that far more often than not it comes by way of word of mouth.

Example of Successful Content- Understanding Customer Need

How Tata Sky Disrupts Advertising And Social Media Storytelling With #DailyDillagi

To promote the Daily Recharge Voucher, Tata Sky has launched an innovative campaign - #DailyDillagi - a disruptive storytelling effort via TV and social media

However, the biggest market barrier has been the same urban offerings in rural areas even though both are two different markets. “Every time we went into the interiors of the country, our customers would ask why they should pay for the whole month when there’s no electricity for half the time,” said Harit Nagpal, MD and CEO of Tata Sky.

With this understanding that smaller towns and villages demand for smaller consumption size much like smaller recharge packages and to provide competition to other providers, Tata Sky introduced Daily Recharge – a sachet size recharge voucher offering a minimum of Rs 8 recharge coupon that will allow a user to access the DTH service for a day. These cards will be available even at general stores and small kiosks across the country.


Digital Marketing Missteps-Conclusion

The Digital Marketing is an area which requires expertise.The startups may not have all the required skills.It may be necessary to hire Digital marketing Agency. The budget may be a constraint but if the limited budget is to be effective all the secrets of successful Digital marketing needs to be followed. Success is outcome of  following  a process and execution.