Startup Green Business

Startup Green Business-The Dire Need

Green Business has thrown up many new startup opportunities. The indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources has adversely affected the eco system as a consequence floods and droughts are occurring all over the world. Food security is vital for any country to maintain peace and improve living standards of its citizens. The sustainability of the global seven billion populations and also the wellbeing of future generation is under threat.

We are seeing the birth of a new perspective of the world, where ecology and economics are two sides of the same coin.” – Lief Johansson, Chairman, Ericsson.

Sustainability has become a buzz word. The aim of Governments, private sector and socially conscious sections of society, is to collectively prevent further damage to the ecological system.

Crisis is an opportunity and many entrepreneurs have seized this opportunity to set up businesses to make money while using principles of sustainability.

Startup by definition creates disruption in the market and the green business is no exception. Many new innovative businesses have emerged.

A startup entrepreneur can show the concern for environment by setting up a green business. They can go and change the world. No time is better than today to contribute in preserving what nature has given us.

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 Startup Green Business-What is green Business ?

Green businesses adopt principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities, and the planet. What do green businesses have in common?

More and more businesses are sourcing raw materials and agricultural produces worth in a 100 km radius thus cutting down on polluting non renewable energy fuels.

Even in social events like wedding, the affluent individuals have become more eco conscious by doing away with thermocole / plastic cutlery, crockery and containers using instead stainless steel or traditional plantain leaves or arecanut plates. They discourage arrangement of fresh flowers and gifting of bouquets. 

“Green businesses are socially and environmentally responsible.

Green companies adopt principles and practices that protect people AND the planet. They challenge themselves to bring the goals of social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, as well as community health and development, into all of their activities — from production and supply chain management to employee relations and customer service.”.- 

Startup Green Business Ideas

1.Renewable Energy Electric power availability determines the living standards of any country. The coal based electricity generation has caused tremendous concerns as it adds to greenhouse gas emissions. This has been a hot topic in the recently concluded Paris climate conference. Renewable energy like Solar Power and windmills is touted as an alternative. Every Country is focusing to augment solar and wind energy capacities. The cost of generation per unit of power using solar energy has been dropping making it economically viable.
This offers startup business opportunities both in product and services.
     I.        Manufacturing Photo Voltaic Cells
    II.        Wind turbines
  III.        Solar panels
  IV.        Maintenance of Solar Panels  
Solar Lanterns
2.Organic Food Food production uses extensively inorganic fertilizers and insecticides. This has created degradation of soil and also has adverse impact on the quality of food. Food grown  The use of  organic fertilizers in food production has  shown manifold growth.This has tremendous startup opportunities.
     I.        Organic Vegetables and fruits
    II.        Production of compost
  III.        Organic Restaurant
  IV.        Retail Chain selling only organic products
   V.        Vermicomposting production

Corporate Green Businesses Initatives

1.ITC – Gardenia-Bangalore

A five-star hotel has demonstrated that you can enjoy luxury without guilt by using green concepts.

(Source-ITC Gardenia website)

Forward to green, back to nature 
Not far from this delightful spot, where the breeze bears the fragrance of fresh blossoms and new leaves, and the roads are shaded by the canopies of old trees, stands ITC Gardenia, ITC Hotels’ green luxury business hotel in Bengaluru. 

The crowning glory of ITC Hotels’ achievement in sustainable practices, ITC Gardenia is a labour of love for what we come from – an ancient tradition of returning to the earth what we take from it, and a commitment to bringing the best of Indian hospitality to our guests, in a befitting culmination of all that ITC Hotels stands for – Responsible Luxury. 

Startup Green Business -Solopreneurs Initiatives

Daily Dump - Startup Green Business

.Daily Dump- A boon to individual home owners to convert wet waste to Compost

Solve the problem at source- is the byword of this initiative which solves the urban problem of disposal of waste. Domestic wet  waste is converted to compost using the equipment developed by Daily Dump.

(Source from Daily Dump website)

In simple words, this product allows every homeowner to reduce their contribution to city waste. In India, no commercial home composter was available till the Daily Dump product was launched.
It is designed for a single family as the “customer”. It is supported by a service backup and customer support. It actually helps families convert their wet waste into eco-friendly compost. The knowledge base is open-source to encourage micro-enterprises.

The Product and its elements

Daily Dump has designed a product with which anyone can convert kitchen waste into compost at home. The product, made of terra-cotta, is sourced from village potters. It is marketed through word-of-mouth referrals, media awareness, and their website. It is sold through channels including individuals, retail stores, and societies. The designs are ‘open source’, so individuals in other locations can replicate, adapt, build on, sell and use – for wide and rapid propagation of the idea.

 Startup Green Business- Solar Lanterns

SELCO-  Solar Lanterns

(Source: Rashmi Bansal’s book “I Have a Dream)

Mr.Harish Hande Ph.D addressed the problems faced by the poorer section  of society who are deprived of energy  through his solar lantern, a solution  which is truly a green business.

“I realized that equations are meaningless, the real challenge is taking technology to the poor people-the ones who need the most!”

This development led to increase in income of the solar lantern users coupled with energy at affordable cost.

A village fish seller said he could extend his business hours in the evening using solar lantern and thus earned higher income. A child could  study later into the night using solar lantern and achieve a rank in exam. 

Startup Green Business- Ideas for Soloprenurs

     I.        Domestic Waste to compost

    II.        Rain Water Harvesting

  III.        Roof top solar panels

  IV.        Growing Organic Vegetables- Kitchen gardens

   V.        Energy saving Lamps

  VI.        Solar Water Heaters

   VII.            Lean Energy Management in Manufacturing

 VIII.            Eco Tourism

Startup Green Business- Conclusion

 The three ‘R’ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the cardinal principle to achieve sustainability.

Start a green business, save the planet and the future of our next generation.