Successful Mompreneur

Who is a Successful Mompreneur ?

 "Mompreneurs are a relatively new trend in entrepreneurship, and have come to increase prominence in the internet age, with the internet allowing entrepreneurs to sell products out of the home rather than relying on foot traffic to brick-and-mortar business."-Investopedia

The ability to balance the role of a mom and a businesswoman requires skill set and a positive attitude.


Mompreneur is a  neologism defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of  entrepreneur.-Wikipedia

Successful Mompreneur-Opportunities

But more and more mothers are taking on the full-time job of raising children while running a business at the same time. And from those ambitious and inspiring mothers, we have the rise of mompreneurs in the small business space.

If you’re an aspiring Mompreneur, looking to make the most out of your past experiences, skills, and current schedule, what are some of the best businesses to start?

Internet and Technology has played a significant role in enabling aspiring moms to wear the second/third (Mother, Wife, mompreneur etc.) hat.

Successful Mompreneur- How to StartTips

1.   Share your experiences as a story. Stories attract readers

2.  Decide what are you passionate about. (Cooking, Sewing, Gardening, Writing, Movies, handicrafts etc.)

3.   Decide how much Time to allot

4.  Start with small investment

5.  Just do it- Experiment and find out what works for you

6.  Buy in Family support

7.  Involve Children

8.  Read Inspiring Stories

9.   Become a mentee of a successful Mompreneur

10. Join Mompreneurs Club

Great Cash-Generating Ideas for Budding Mompreneurs

 Successful Mompreneur-Ideas You Can Try on a Small Budget

Want to take the plunge but don't have any up-front cash to start a business? Petsitter, daycare, consultant, interior decorator -- the number of possible options is endless when you start to think about businesses you can start on a low budget.

Successful Indian Mompreneurs Who Are Running Business Along with Caring Children

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Successful Mompreneur- A Case Study

Source Pampered Moms website


Mani Pavitra is a serial entrepreneur who began as an orthodontist at Hyderabad’s KIMS Hospital and was part of the team that set up dental clinics in 2010.

When the opportunity presented itself to become a partner in the prestigious Jubilee Hills Clinic she jumped at it, finally acquiring the entire stock in 2012 and going on to create her first brand Dentist N Dontist.

She didn’t stop there. “Soon after that, I was pregnant and realised that there was nothing available in Hyderabad in terms of pregnancy education. I got certified as a lamaze instructor and that’s how Pampered Moms was born,” she says.

I have indeed joined Lamaze classes soon after which gave me a lot of self-assurance and confidence and made me conscious of clearly what childbirth is all about. Being a Doctor I felt the need to educate the people about the Lamaze classes. This is when I derived the idea of Pampered Momz.

Once Pampered Momz started rolling, at the same time my boy started growing and I really wanted him to take out for fun-filled physical activities, but unfortunately, I could not come across children’s parks and play area not sustaining to the standards. Then I decided to plan for Pampered Kidz.


Pampered momz has been created to educate pregnant mothers about healthy and natural birth practices. The goal is to provide a memorable pregnancy and birthing experience to women. Pampered momz aims to increase and promote natural and safe birth practices among women. Pampered momz provides pampering, pain relief, couple retreats, diet, nutrition, meditation and pregnancy lamaze classes to ensure complete relaxation of your mind, body and soul and prepare the mother for child birth

About Pamperedkidz

When I had my 1st son, during the course of pregnancy I was so energetic even in the 6th month. Physical activities were a part of my everyday schedule also on the other hand all my elder in my family who really cared about me cautioned with all the instructions and suggested to be so mindful at the time of giving birth. That is when the thought of starting up a program for pregnancy education in Hyderabad came up. 

The concept of Pampered Kidz is as simple as giving utmost nurturing care to kids , by which both the kids and parents get pampered. Yes you heard it right. While kids are playing and having their fun time, parents can slip into our salon and spa and get pampered. For those explicit reasons I have launched Pampered Kidz and Pampered Momz which now has completed 4 successful years.

Pampered Kidz is a venue for celebrations. We plan for birthday parties and surprise events and event catering. We are known for our unique party celebrations with care we shower on little ones and also the manner we pamper the parents in Pampered Momz with a wide range of spa services.

Pampered Kidz is a fun area for kids with ultimate play area and fun activities. Thus, it would be smart if kids be a part of Pampered kidz, hence that parents can easily also rejuvenate at Pampered Momz.

Successful Mompreneur-Conclusion

Moms who aspire to become entrepreneurs need to be encouraged. The entire family gets benefitted.It imparts entrepreneurial mindset which are life skills in the entire family.

 Remember the Nike Slogan-‘Just Do IT’