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Hello and welcome to my site - 10MinuteBizTools!

I am Ranga - a professional business coach.  

I spent the first 33 years of my work life in corporate world. I spent my next 10 years in researching and teaching entrepreneurship.

I have mentored  150 women entrepreneurs under Goldman Sachs- ISB- AIMS 10 K program and many of them have grown their businesses more than 50% over a 18 month period. 

I had developed a process to identify students with Entrepreneurship Potential. This process has been effective and 30 + students have become entrepreneurs.

I want to help startup entrepreneurs through our online courses of 10minutebiztools . I am passionate about supporting you as you create value and solve many problems in society.

I have coached six startup entrepreneurs in the last one year.

I have also shared my experience via an online training course specifically for entrepreneurs struggling with finding customers. Know more about the course and sign up for it at the link below:

Frustrated Business Man

  My Credentials-K.Ranganathan

 My Credentials-Here are some of my certifications, qualifications and experience details - all of it related to nurturing entrepreneurs and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship!

NEN Mentor Connect- I have joined as a Mentor from 15-07-2015

Certificate of Appreciation from IIT Bombay
Participation Certificate
Member of Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce
Goldman Sachs NEN Faculty Certification
Entrepreneurship Week Runnerup
Fair and Lovely Certificate
Award for Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Development Center
Role of Educators in Entrepreneurship
Tea with Winners
Entrepreneurship Development Institute
Faculty Development Program on Entrepreneurship

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information.

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