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Why Learn Art of Selling?

Selling ice to Eskimos-A famous saying is an epitome of Art of Selling. Usually this is applied to a really good salesperson or someone who is really suave and charismatic.

This is considered as the highest level in selling skills, that is convincing a customer to buy even when they really do not need the product or service.

Tip-Build relations-Sales Will Follow


Selling is an art and a science. The science is the ability to diagnose a problem and find the best solution. The art is the ability to create the relationship and to co-create the solution with the customer. Every sales leader in the room had a slightly different definition of selling.

Learn Art of Selling- Learn from the Video

How to MASTER the Art of SELLING - #  MentorMeJordan


How to Master the Art of Selling Anything: Updated-

Marc Wayshak


The biggest take away for me was “Start by suggesting common challenges” thank you great information!!- Diamond Woodson

Learn Art of Selling-Expert's View

“Mastering the art of selling involves mastering the craft of providing your clients the education, products, services, and personal contact before, during and after the sale that they want, need and, more important, deserve. That’s how you succeed. That’s how you’ll not only survive and grow in this business, but will thrive, prosper, and achieve greatness through it.” 
Tom Hopkiuns
How to Master the Art


"Selling" or the "art of selling" as the act of assisting someone to buy (ie; accept) your offering (product, service or idea) primarily for the purpose of satisfying that person's stated need or desire. As a result of providing this service, the seller obtains something of value. (Once again, this is usually money, but it could include a product or service. It could also include simple acceptance of an idea as in the "seller's" political, corporate or religious point of view, etc.). -.

 Learn Art of Selling -Need

This is required not only sales professionals but for everyone as convincing someone to do things we want happens in many of our day to day activities. This is a key factor for success.

The individual wanting to turn an entrepreneur requires convincing skills all the more.

Fortunately, this skill can be acquired by a formal process and of course by practicing and meeting with failures.

Understanding human psychology is critical to the art of selling.

Learn Art of Selling-Skills

The individual has to understand both verbal and nonverbal aspects of selling.

Listening skills is important even though many a sales person tend to talk too much.

It is reported that first impressions are formed within the first four seconds.

The body language and grooming of the selling person may result in building a bridge or creating a wall.

The art of selling is how you engage with potential buyers as a person. They have to like you first. Then, trust you – before they will listen to what you have to offer them.

  Learn Art of Selling-Recommended Book

How to Master the Art of Selling- Tom Hopkins

Recommended Book- A must Read 

 Book review by CyberMan - Published on Amazon.com 

I have to admit that I was not initially a fan of Tom Hopkins. To me he comes across like a used car salesman with a high pressure type of sales tactic.

My business is network marketing, and we use a soft sell approach. I was conferring with the top rep in my group who is making some insane income in our company. I asked him what he attributed to his success and he mentioned several books and tapes, but when it comes to selling, he said Tom Hopkins is tops.

I was at my favorite bookstore on Friday and was happy to see that the new and revised version of this book was just released. It has a purple cover and large print. Over 420 pages loaded with information. I spent four hours nonstop reading this great text, the most informative sales book that I have ever read. This is indeed the bible of salesmanship.

Nice intro by Mr. Hopkins mentor, the late J. Douglas Edwards. Then on to what makes a great salesman. Chapter after chapter by Hopkins covering every aspect of selling. I used some of Hopkins techniques earlier today, qualifying prospects and working on presentation skills ala Tom Hopkins. I began to use "tie downs" and the "ben franklin close" and have to admit I felt a little silly at first, but it worked!

I can't wait until I truly master all of the skills Mr. Hopkins presents in this masterpiece. Then I will really be dangerous.

Right now I am only halfway through the book. Wait until I finish it and master these skills!

Thank you Tom Hopkins and Warner Books for releasing this new and revised version.

Learn Art of Selling- Conclusion

“Selling now is much more about creating compelling, differentiated value rather than simply about features /benefits”-Bob Burg

Selling is both an art and science. The outcome of similar efforts may be different with different individuals. The prospective customer may buy a few consumer items on an impulsive basis. Asset buying will require many more trips and factual presentation.

Never oversell and promise the moon.

The internet has facilitated creating interest before a sales call can be made. The reviews in neutral sites, product comparisons etc. can be an enabler or a roadblock for selling.

Ultimately, the customer should have a need and perceive the product or service has value for money.