How Color Impacts Conversions

How color impacts conversions, especially, for online businesses? 

Content is king in the virtual world. Experts repeatedly talk about content being relevant and how this should result in more clicks. Keyword search is at heart of getting rankings. Many individuals may feel that a simple black and white color for contents is adequate.

An entrepreneur should understand what is the psychology behind their customers buying decisions or why they make repeat purchases.

“If you belong to e-business then conversions matter, whether its e-Commerce website or simple business website. Every website is impacted by the colors used in website background. - Vijay Bhabhor”

As per your target audience (gender) you can use different colors to design a better website..

Is there any gender preference for a particular color?

 How Color Impacts Conversions- Color & Attributes has given the following table which gives the relationship between color and attributes. This can be used as a guidance for selecting the right color for your brand.

Sr.No.      Attributes                      Color

1          Trust           Most preferred Blue (34%) followed by white (21%) and green (11%)

2          Security     Blue came on top (28%) followed by black( 16%)  & green(12%)

3          Speed          Red was the overwhelming favorite (76%)

4          Cheapness    Orange came first (26%), followed by yellow (22%) and brown(13%)

5        High Tech       This was almost evenly split with black on top (24%), blue and gray                                   came second (23%) each

6       High Quality  Black was the clear winner (43%) and then blue (20%)

7          Reliability     Blue was the favorite choice (43%) followed by black (24%)

8          Courage          Most Chose purple (29%) Red (28%) and Blue 22%

9          Fear/Terror  Red came first (41%) followed by black (38%)

10      Fun                    Orange came first(28%) followed closely by yellow(26%) & then                                 purple(17%) 

Which Color Converts The Best?

Experiment Results on RED Color

care must be taken in how red is used in achievement contexts,” the researchers reported, “and illustrate how color can act as a subtle environmental cue that has important influences on behavior.”

 Call to Action Colors

The highest-converting colors for calls to action are bright primary and secondary colors – red, green, orange, yellow.

Darker colors like black, dark gray, brown, or purple have very low conversion rates. 

How Color Impacts Conversions- Conclusion

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There is no sure fire solution or any one right color that will work across all platforms. So, the question is how do you pick the right color? Depending on the context  and the message the business wants to deliver, choose the color.

 Selecting the right color for call to action (CTA)button in online sites is critical.

The following advice is given by domain specialist to get the best results.

  1. Study the market you want to attract based on age, gender, culture and the color language they will respond best to.
  2. Do thoughtful A/B testing to determine which color combinations and positions will work best for you to generate maximum leads and conversions.
  3. Apply it on your website and keep reinventing and experimenting with colors and color contrast, brightness and saturation.