Blogging Mentors

Blogging Mentors-Why is it required? Is it a new terminology?Google Search indicates 1.2 million.

Are you planning to enter the blogging world anytime soon. You want to be a professional blogger.

Blogging could be a low cost but efforts and time required will be high.

Blogging Mentors- Definition

What is a blog mentor?

A mentor is a trusted guide and teacher.
So a blog mentor would be a trusted guide and teacher who helps you become a better blogger!
Maybe your blog mentor is a blog/author/writer who has been working in the blogosphere longer than you. It should be someone who’s already learned the ropes.


Blogging Mentors- Why do you need them

Kotryna 's take on why you need mentors

You’re going to have SO MANY questions when you start  and instead of actually working on your blog’s content, you might get stuck in the research phase.

Finding a blog mentor with more experience can save you loads of time and guide you to the right direction straight away.

Since I started following & listening to bloggers that inspire me, instead of focusing on the books. I noticed a huge change. Not only I saw a huge jump in my stats, I also simply felt better and more confident about the work I do.

Rachelle Gardner 's take on why you need mentors

Patricia said, “I’d love to be able to work closely with a cyber counselor – that’s what I call it, anyway. Someone who could work with me, step by step, as I’m starting my blog and trying other social networking. Someone to talk me through designing my blog – not just the look of it, but the concept behind it – then help me get it up and running.”.”

I said, “You mean like a blogging mentor?”

Blogging Mentors- What are the qualities one should have?

Skilled mentors offer you valuable information that helps you by  Ryan Biddulph 

  • boost your blog traffic
  • increase your blogging profits
  • live your dreams through blogging
  • identify mistakes you may be making
  • uncover the reasons why you are blogging to help you knife through obstacles

Your blogging mentor only needs to have the knowledge and experience beyond your current level of knowledge and experience in the area where you need coaching or mentoring.

Example; if you just want to know how to set up a WordPress blog from scratch and publish your first post, a newbie tech blogger can likely help you with this task.

Blogging Mentors-Experience Sharing-Richelle

My Crazy-Sucessful Female Blogging Mentors

Finding a mentor is an important step in any business. I remember when I was reading the book Lean In there was an entire chapter on how important it is for women to find mentors. But honestly, the idea of finding and approaching a mentor is a bit daunting. Firstly, how do you even find a mentor, and secondly, how do you ask them for help without being annoying?

Personally, if I could get any advice it would be how to use my unique talents and strengths to create a business that works for me, rather than following the typical travel blogger mold so many others seem to be using.

Blogging Mentors- Conclusion

 Support from experienced bloggers improves the success rate. There are experts who are willing to give probono support.Once you can afford professional fees you can always look for these experts.

Do not procrastinate. Seek help. Please do not look for complete match in a mentor.

Talk to your network and you may have surprises.