Startups and Apps

Startups and Apps - Opportunities Galore

Apps development is a growing and potential area for technology entrepreneurs to start a venture. Many apps based ventures like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger have become a brand creating waves in the apps industry.

Apps development also provides opportunity for solopreneurs who do not want to manage a large team or invest large capital in asset acquisition.

“Think about this statistic: 2% of app developers claim about 54% of all app revenues.  So, how do you join that alluring 2%? Have a well-thought out plan to profit from your app. And hash this out before your app launches.”-  Annum Munir -Content Marketing Manager at Localytics..

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Startups and Apps-Opportunity

The exploding communication devices like tablets and smart phones offer apps development opportunities. Mobile apps development has become a separate vertical with affordable smart phones, broad band availability and 4G launch in developing countries like India and China.

Movie tickets, taxi booking, food delivery service, health care services, mobile games etc. are popular.

The astonishing growth of E- Commerce business has led to the development of  apps for these sites  and many  new entrepreneurs  have joined millionaires club.


Skill Sets for Apps Developer

  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to comprehend and process research data
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Technical expertise in application development

Startups and Apps - Ideas for Apps Development

The website Ideas has listed 722 startup ideas for apps development.


An example from the website - Graphical restaurant reservation system (0nko)

“A reservation system for pubs and restaurants that would allow you to see a graphical layout of the establishment. You would see what tables are available at what times and you'd be able to book a specific table for a specific time. You could do it on the web or using a mobile app without needing to call the restaurant. You can pick your seats on a plane, why not a restaurant?” 

Startups and Apps-Popular Business / Revenue Models 

1.    Service Provider to develop apps
Ideally suited for tech savvy individuals who want to minimize the risks as apps are developed based on the customers’ requirements. Generally, tech entrepreneurs’ weak spot is marketing their product and building network. The down side is that revenue stream may not be steady.
2.    In-apps -ad
Apps are free to use and revenue is through the advertisement. The channels competing for ad revenue is large and a good marketing effort is required. The apps also should have a good user base to attract advertisement. A commercial user may get irritated with advertisements.
3.    E-Commerce Platform
E- Commerce platform is a high growth area.
4.    Freemium Models
The user does not pay for routine features and premium features are the sources of revenue. However, the risk associated is high.

Startups and Apps-Venture Funding for apps development

The apps development is attracting funding from the venture capital industry.A few sources of funding are listed below

.i.              Apps Funder

ii.            Appsbackr

iii.           Patreon

iv.           IndieGoGo

v.            Technofunding

Recent Trends in India (Source- Times of India News Paper)

1.    Udupi, a tier three town in Karnataka, is creating waves as new tech. entrepreneurs are developing apps for marquee clients like Disney, Warner brothers, MTS and Sears. Skilled manpower is available from around twenty Engineering Colleges within a 60 km radius. The quality of life for entrepreneur as well as employees is far better as commuting time is very small and rentals are moderate.

2.    Tripigator has developed a mobile app for travel planning having 80,000 downloads.

3.    Bumper -A mobile app for car service and repair. It has raised $500,000 funding and has 100 registered dealerships in Bangalore.

Information from web on popular mobile apps developed in India

4.    Hike is a communication app that offers both SMS and instant messaging in one single app which does not require internet on mobiles

5.    Pulse, a news reading app taken over by LinkedIn5.Nightstand HD2 is one of the first alarm clock app in webstores

6.. Parking Frenzy- The task is to park at the most challenging spot they can offer. The popularity of this app can be gauged by the fact that it is Rated 4+ by more than 60K people. 

Startups and Apps- Conclusion

The apps development is offering a strong ecosystem for promoting startups and also  for tech savvy persons an  opportunity  to monetize their intellectual capital.