Professional Business Coaching

Professional Business Coaching for Startups- The Need

Professional Business Coaching  supports entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Small businesses are  run either by an individual or by a team of 2-3 members. Running any startup is challenging and constantly the entrepreneurs face roadblocks in  deciding between alternatives or in making presentations to the customers or investors.

In terms of helping the startup team achieve its goals. 

Normally, for any business there are forks in the road. The startup, by itself , may not be able to look at all the  pros and cons of a particular fork. No alternative will have only positives and the coach can help the startup in choosing an alternative by providing clarity.

 Professional Business Coaching for Startups-Concept

All successful sports persons, both in individual games like tennis, shuttle, golf  and team games like football, hockey ,cricket etc have had legendary coaches. Sportspersons attribute their success to their coaches.

The coaches bring the best out of the individuals.Business Coaching is no different in that it helps in discovering hidden potential and nurturing it.

10minutebiztools is offering professional Business Coaching for startups and growth stage entrepreneurs. 

The coaching is done through Skype. Skype ID: ranga1947

Professional Business Coaching Process

  1. Coaching starts by creating awareness about the problems the business is facing
  2. Next Step is for educating the entrepreneurs to identify solutions
  3. Entrepreneur’s action plan with a commitment to implement
  4. Two coaching sessions of one hour duration each in a month
  5. Helps to build network to grow the business.

Complimentary Coaching Session

10minutebiztools offers 30-60 minutes Complimentary Coaching Session through Skype to assess your needs and how coaching can help you to grow your business. Mail to 

 Business Coaching- Feedback

Currently I am coaching five startup entrepreneurs including an International Professor.

1.a.Happy to share feedback of Ninth Meeting through Skype of my client  an International Prof.

"Conversation feedback:

  Up to expectations: 10/10

Learned some thing new : 10/10

1.b. Feedback  on fourth business coaching

Up to expectations: 8 ( Maybe because I expected to speak more about how to quantify the value proposition and add a fraction of it in the price. However, it is my fault as I could have asked explicitly about that)

Learned something new: 10

2.. "I am Sharjeel, owner of a start-up. ( My start-up trains professionals from the engineering, procurement & construction industry. The idea is to give them critical skills which are acquired over a period of several years. I have taken Mr. Krishna Rao Ranganathan as a mentor. Personally, I am a core technical person with little business skills. In the five or so sessions that we had together, I have received some critical life-saving (or you can say business-saving) skills. Working with my mentor, I do not feel the regret of not going to a business college. I feel I am in one. The Business College of Life."

3..Dr. Cyril Crasto - Feedback on the first session -: "The advice and feedback given by my mentor is tremendous. Mr. Ranga Rao could not only sense the issues faced but also advised on probable reasons and suggested solutions as an external advisor. Thanks to NEN for providing support to entrepreneurs like me who need 'outside perspective' to inside problems. I look forward to a great partnership with my mentor and wish to see the company grow to new heights."