Blogs on Startups

 Reading blogs on startups for anyone planning the long and arduous journey of entrepreneurship is a great aid. Entrepreneurs are taking risks by investing their resources, both in terms of time and money. Many blog writers are seasoned entrepreneurs or investors themselves. The access to their blogs are free and reading their blogs also helps in building network and formulating risk minimizing strategies.

Blogs on Startups- Why Read them ?

Their insights are of immense practical value. Reading their blogs and learning from them makes the entrepreneurial journey less lonely.

The blogs by venture capitalists is a must read for any startup entrepreneur.

Learning is a continuous process and keeping in touch with blogs is a great way of learning and sometimes may give new ideas or solutions to problems faced by any startup business.

The blogs are on a variety of subjects and the number of blogs available is humungous.

There is a whole host of blogs on every conceivable subject and category. The following blogs are recommended for reading by startup entrepreneurs.

Blogs on Startups- Marketing & Social Media

Selling is the critical success factor for any startup. The following blogs are recommended to learn about marketing and on effective use of social media presence

1.Social Triggers

“Expert on how consumer psychology applies to online marketing.”-Fortune.

Derek Halpern tells you how to focus on the psychological “triggers” through his blog.

The following quote from his blog is an apt advice for any startup.



The focus of this blog is on how startups can use social media marketing.

An All-in-One Marketing tool for local business. The latest blog “Social Stats that Affect Your Small Business” has given convincing numbers why any startup business should be present in social media. nesses

3.Amy Porterfield

Blogs and especially, podcasts of Amy Porterfield are really useful to understand how to harness the power of Social Media.

The following three latest podcasts is an indication of how to address the  many doubts lurking in the mind of an entrepreneur.

Online Marketing made easy podcasts

    I.        How Can I Be the Expert If I’m Just Starting Out?  II.        How Do I Price My Online Course?III.        Are You Repelling or Attracting Your Potential Customers?

4. Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Blogs for Small business owners offering advice how to do effective marketing at low cost.

The following blogs illustrate how they are useful for startups.



Blogs on Startups- Other Blogs

1.   Tech Crunch 

This is perhaps the most up to speed blog when it comes to technology. It gives exclusive insight into the world of venture capital, technology and start-ups, all under the same roof! 

2.   Dane Carlson Blog

Dane Carlson’s is a one-of-kind website for small business entrepreneurs. Since 2001, they have been obsessively collecting and curating business ideas, opportunities and franchises for the small business entrepreneur.

His blogs have won many accolades.

The blogs are on the following four themes.

                    I.        Business Idea

                  II.        Home Based business

                III.        Online Business

                 IV.        Run your Business 

3.   Venture Hacks

The punch line of the website says it all. “Good advice for startups.” The advice ranges from starting to fund raising. 

4.   Awake @The Wheel

Jonathan Fields is the author. The blog provides an insight into the pleasure and pains of running a startup.

Blogs on Startups-Venture Capitalists

 A few of the blogs from the list recommended by Conner Forest

Conner Forrest is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. He covers Google and startups and is passionate about the convergence of technology and culture.

1. FeldThoughts2. Bothsides of the Table3. Ben's Blog4. AVC

5. CDixon Blog


Blogs on Startups- Conclusion

There is a wealth of information, almost free, available from the blogs by experts for any startup entrepreneur. The list given in this blog is to arouse the interest of anyone who is planning a startup. They can choose their own list of blogs to follow.

Podcasts are also useful, as listening to a conversation mode is more appealing than reading the blogs.

Some of the authors offer free webinars on various topics and participating in the webinar is an effective way of learning.