Blogging Wisdom

Blogging Wisdom.

You may be dreaming and contemplating for a long time to start a blog. One reads that blogging as a profession can be recurring revenue machine.

Knowledge is power. there is plenty of wisdom floating in the web for you to capture before you step into blogging word.

Words of wisdom from those who say " I have been there. I have done it."

A few tips from experienced bloggers are listed below.

Blogging Wisdom - Whom to Target ??

Most beginner (and even intermediate) bloggers dream of building a huge audience. They see that as the only possible path to generating a reasonable return from their efforts.

That may well be true in some cases. For example, blogs that rely upon advertising as a primary means of generating income will need to generate a huge volume of traffic, because the value of each of their visitors is so low.

However, if you are offering a product or a service, you may not need to attract more than just a few thousand visitors per month to start seeing a positive return on your investment.

To put it another way, you’re far better off attracting a smaller number of engaged visitors than a huge number of disinterested browsers. Focusing on attracting a minority, whilst unintuitive, is exactly what you should do to create a profitable blog.

How does this translate into practical advice? Simple: focus your content marketing efforts on an extremely narrow pool of readers; those with very specific problems and desires; those who are most likely to become valuable customers.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to alienate the masses in order to gain the attention of the valuable minority. If you are blogging for business, consider focusing on a sub-set of your audience. This is something I did for the freelancer blog Freelancelift which encompasses a community for freelancers. Why target everybody when your dream customer is out there looking for the knowledge that you have?


Blogging Wisdom- For those attracting Clients

Ask yourself if one of your goals is to attract prospective clients. If the answer is yes, tailor your blog to attract those clients. That means deciding who those clients are, researching their needs, and writing posts showing how your work can meet their needs and solve their problems.

You must then resist the temptation to feature inappropriate work, no matter how “good” you think it might be. You need to be your own tough editor — forbidding yourself to post lackluster work, or anything that would make you look unprofessional.

Mark Armstrong

Blogging Wisdom- A Successful Women-Simply Tabitha

Clearly Tabitha must have read our article on how to become a social media influencer . Indeed, her blog is a stellar example of how adding an online venue for personal thoughts and advice can act as a powerful engine for building your brand. She doesn’t simply dish out fashion and beauty advice to her audience of mommas-to-be, she also hands over the tools to make it all happen via a “Shop the Post” widget at the end of each post that allows viewers to replicate her look. And with Pintrest “Save” buttons hovering over each picture, fans can keep her glamorous aesthetic on hand for inspiration.

Blogging Wisdom- I have done it

Blogging Wisdom I’ve Acquired Over the Years

The sharing of my  blogging wisdom is just basically another way of saying “X things I’ve learned” or “X number of mistakes I’ve made in blogging”

I should also include a disclaimer that I’m no blogging guru or expert. But I think since blogging is still a relatively new industry compared to the traditional ones,  the definition of a blogging expert can be open to interpretation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if formal educational institutions offered blogging as a diploma or a degree in the near future.

Laugh now, but just you wait, someone will have a degree in blogology or bloguistics (I like the second term better. What about you?) and they’ll be working toward their masters. That will be the official way to showcase your blogging wisdom.

Since I’ve been blogging for several years, I guess that gives me the right to share my own personal experiences and views about blogging. I will pass on my very small amount of wisdom to you all.

1. Get Ready To Be Judged For Your Opinions, Decisions and Actions

Since you are publishing on this public forum known as the internet, people from all parts of the globe will eventually find you and judge you internally or externally. They may agree with you or they may completely disagree with you. As someone who used to greatly care about what others think, blogging has given me the freedom to express my views and be proud of the unconventional person I am. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and share personal things that most people don’t want the world to know.


2. No Matter How Many Follow-Ups You Do, Sometimes People Just Won’t Respond

I should note that I am guilty of not responding to every inquiry I receive. A lot of them sound the same and start with Hello Admin or Hello MakintheBacon Team. My name is on the sidebar. Please use it to make the message seem a little bit more personable. If they really wanted to partner with you, they would send a more personable email and follow up if needed.

I’ve followed up a few times with people, mainly because we had been in constant conversation, working out the details. It’s the worst when they don’t respond to you anymore after all that work. Unfortunately, I’ve had that happen to me on several occasions. Unless you’re waiting on something important or trying to finish up a project, then it’s a time to move on type of thing.

Blogging Wisdom-  Sharing your Failures

Casey Serin

Casey Serin is a young blogger who made some very poor investment choices. Rather than crumbling under the consequences of these choices, Casey chose to blog about them, detailing every mistake he made along the way.

Casey and his blog quickly grew to become something people love to hate, with many voicing their opinions about his choices. The ironic part, however, is that these mistakes – or rather, blogging about them – made Casey a decent chunk of money. Casey’s blog saw just over 10,000 visitors a day before he shut it down for personal reasons, and he reported earning four figures from selling ads. It’s no huge amount, but it’s a fine example of someone turning their controversial mistakes into profit.

Blogging Wisdom- Conclusion

A great future awaits fpr those who dare to dream

Make Notes

Prepare a plan

Choose the topic

Are you a professional blogger for B-B

Decide on the frequency

Test- Measure- Improve

Be a Winner