Leadership Skills for Startup

Leadership Skills for Startup

Entrepreneurs succeed not just by creating a good product or an innovative company, but also by developing themselves into leaders.

What are the Skills?

Why is it Important?

Gyan from Experts


Series # 5
5 Leadership Skills  Startups  Can Learn From Ants

1. Ants aren’t Intimidated by the Size of Their Workload ( Obstacles lead to innovation)

2. Ants Value Teamwork ( Right Team Members)

3. Ants are Organized ( Method in Madness)

4. Ants Save for Rainy Days ( Conserve Cash)

5. Ants get the Job Done ( Result is what Matters)


Series # 4

Startup Leadership Lessons for Founders-Video


Ace entrepreneur, BV Jagadeesh shares the four Key Pillars for Entrepreneurs. He instigates product entrepreneurs to become the essential painkiller and cater to the customer need instead of becoming a mere good to have vitamin. Emphasizing on program execution, he insists that money needs to be stretched to its very limit and people networks need to be built to ensure success.

Series # 3

Five Skills of Entrepreneurial Leadership

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Motivation
  3. Relationship building,
  4. Leading change
  5. Enterprise basics.


Series # 2


The leader's roles in a Startup
Jayson DeMers is founder and CEO of AudienceBloom

  •        Idea generator.It’s the leader's job to come up with new directions and new possibilities for the organization (and solve tough problems.

  •        Decision-maker. When it comes time to make a hard decision for the company, the leader is the one who has to make it.

  •        Team-builder. The leader hires, fires and inspires people to work their hardest under his or her banner.
  •        Image-maker. The leader is also the figurehead of the company and the “face” of the brand.