Five Blogs for Startups

The following Five blogs for Startups is strongly recommended. Confirmation of an action taken or cross fertilization of an idea could happen if the blogs are consistently followed.

“Sometimes a single insight can completely change the direction of your startup or business, so make sure you are reading blogs that can offer such sparks of creativity and mindset change”- Mark Zeni

There are blogs on specific topics of interest like marketing, software startups, how to create effective blogging etc.. A startup entrepreneur can choose a topic of their interest. If there is a team, then each one can choose to follow a particular topic and share the learning. It can be an effective tool for brainstorming..

Five Blogs for Startups-Seth Godin

Seth Godin

"Other than writing a daily blog (a practice that's free, and priceless), reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective and more engaged in what's going on. The last great online bargain."

The blogs are dedicated to marketing.

“I’m not sure there’s a marketing blogger more legendary than Seth Godin. He’s been blogging every day for years, and the amount of power his posts pack into just a couple of paragraphs (often less) make me realize how much work I have to do to become a more effective writer.”- Alex Turnbull

Gems from Seth Godin Blogs

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” 

Marketing continues to be not about you, your product, and all the other awesome things that you are and have.

It’s still about them.

As a matter of fact, with technology increasingly getting in the hands of more and more consumers, it’s correspondingly becoming increasingly about them.

A good marketer knows this and adjusts to the ever-changing terrain without losing sight of what needs to be done to get people’s attention.

Five Blogs for Startups-Dharmesh Shah

 Dharmesh Shah -Founder-Hub SpotOn Startups- A Blog Dedicated to software startups.A sample TopicInsightful Study of 386 SaaS Startup Pricing Pages

Late last year, I combed through the Montclare Saas 2500  — a directory of the biggest SaaS companies in the world — to find common trends in what I thought would be a significant dataset. As it turned out, 80% of the 250 biggest SaaS companies didn’t have a pricing page at all.

Expecting to find a set of data more representative of what I’m used to seeing around (essentially startups), I turned to a bigger sample, scraping information from the first 400 startups in Angels Lists Trending Category. Of the remaining 386 which hadn’t shut down, I found that startups are around twice as likely to show their pricing than their enterprise SaaS big brothers. In fact, 39% of the 389 startups I analyzed had pricing clearly available.

Five Blogs for Startups-Copy Blogger

3. Copy Blogger

Content Marketing blogs are very insightful. Content is what drives customers.

Sample BlogA Strategic System that produces powerful Content Marketing Strategy.Set your content marketing goals

When you begin a content marketing campaign, focus your efforts on one or two primary goals (even if you find that your campaign also produces results for other goals).

Five Blogs for Startups-

4. Social Triggers

Social Triggers is Derek Halpen’s blog about the psychology of building a business. Derek is a hustler through and through, and always has interesting new studies and research-backed tips to share.

Five Blogs for Startups-


Focusses on E-Commerce

Sample Blog

Make the Most out of Your Seasonal Success with Product Reviews The holidays are a bustling time for many online businesses, and the period between October and early January—which is jam-packed with opportune events like Black Friday, Super Saturday, and Boxing Day—can be the savvy retailer’s most profitable season.

The consensus was clear: The Stockroom needed to convert its holiday sales into customer reviews.

My first step was to set up a stellar post-purchase campaign that would make my holiday success last.

Recommended Books

1.All Marketers Tell Stories: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works--and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of-by Seth Godin  (Author)

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2.Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing: Online Strategies to Identify Influencers, Craft Stories, and Draw Customers Kindle Edition-by Idil M Cakim 

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10 Best Business Blogs You Should Read In 2018

If you're completely "brand new" to online business or blogging, or perhaps you've never heard of any of the folks or the blogs mentioned above, please do check them out.

Five Blogs for Startups_Conclusion

There are blogs galore in web world and one has to choose topics relevant to their startup businesses. Reading blogs should motivate one to have their own blog pages. This will help in establishing one’s expertise in a particular area. The above five blogs is an illustration on how a personal brand can be built.

Blogs writing can  even result in recurring revenue machine.