How to Conduct Webinars 

Tips on How to Conduct Webinars . Especially if you want to be a solopreneur and monetise your expertise

Webinars provide opportunity for monetizing one’s expertise. This route is for those who do not want to build an organization or invest a lot of money to be an entrepreneur. Successful Webinars lead to building a strong data base of potential customers.

Like in any professional field building reputation takes time. The audience has to accept that the individual has expertise which solves their problem and therefore willing to become a paying customer. Patience, perseverance and solid content and deliverables are the key to succeed in webinar as a profession

How to Conduct Webinars- Quote

“Webinars are the best way to share your expertise. The conversion rates are insane. Starting to do webinars to sell my courses has changed my business, I went from making 6 figures a year to making 6 figures a month.” -- Mariah Coz

How Do Webinars work

 Source: Ashely Hockney

A webinar is basically a free live training. To get specific, Mintex calls it "a live meeting that takes place over the web. The meeting can be a presentation, discussion, demonstration, or instructional session. Participants can view documents and applications via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion." 

You invite a group of people to join you online, can speak with them personally, share your screen and make a sales offer at the end.

How to Conduct Webinars-Gadget Requirements

A Laptop, A webcam and Headphone as shown below.

The investment required is very small. PC/ Laptop with a webcam,

a good Microphone which eliminates external noises. This is critical as audio quality has to be disturbance free.

The add-ons if one can afford are good lighting and a background screen.

Normally most bloggers, online course publishers, photo enthusiasts have all these gadgets. There are webinar service providers and one can use them also.

The services of a webinar expert/ host to conduct the event is an option.

How to Conduct Webinar-Presteps

Before starting one can attend a couple of webinars and note down how it was conducted. This will install confidence. Read interesting guidelines available in the web.

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a webinar workshop is figuring out what one want to teach.

One might fear what happens if no one registers. This may be a possibility but there is no gain without pain.

Keep your e-book/ product or other services ready before marketing the webinar.

How to Conduct Webinar-Steps

Select a theme which will become a brand by itself.

Lisa Sasevich calls her webinars “Invisible Close”

1.         Select an appropriate topic in line with your expertise.

How to eat less and stay healthy

How to lose Weight

How to build Network

Manage Personal Finances

2.       The tagline for targets should be like  magic bullet called “Marketing Hook” which attracts audience.

“This webinar is for you if you are looking for how to generate regular income from blogging.”

3.       Start Marketing through social media and also send personalized mails to your e-mail contacts

4.       Prepare a PPT with 4-5 subtopics to be displayed during the live event

5.       Ask for registration and e- mail contact

6.       Launch your webinar

7.       Evaluate your results

8.   Send information about your product or service to all those who have participated in the webinar

How to Conduct Webinars- Tips and Advice


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It is proved that conversion rate is the highest for a webinar. Promoting on social media is expected to have 1-3% conversion rates whereas webinars can range from 5—10%. This really is the benefit of face to face interaction.

How to Conduct Webinars- CONCLUSION

Webinars provide an exciting opportunity to be acknowledged as an expert and also earn money. This is really like having the cake and eating it too situation where one pursues his passion while  building wealth. The investments required are very minimal and the risks involved is almost nil.

Keep growing your e- mail list and one can use mail chimp to automate the mailing process.

Select the topic, market it and go live and watch your popularity rating climbing up.