How to Convince Customers

The skills any startup should master is How to Convince Customers

 “You'll sell more if you talk about your product using language your customer understands.” -By Geoffrey James

How to Convince Customers-Pre Internet era

The convincing skills or sometimes spinning a yarn used be the tactics for making customers buy. Facts and advantages over competitors are also presented. Instead of user reviews friends and relatives experience was the basis for buying if it was not an established brand.

How to Convince Customers- Post Internet Era

There are several product/ service comparison sites, product reviews etc. available with the click of a button free of cost. The ordering can be done online based on this information. Even now some feel and touch products customers may prefer to buy from physical stores after gathering information.

 The salespeople now have to sell solutions. Selling a solution is far more complex than just offering a product; it is usually a journey littered with problems, obstacles and challenges that must be overcome. By telling a story, you can highlight the facts that are difficult to get across in a traditional sales conversation and make it easier for the customer to relate to the message.

How to Convince Customers- To buy your Products

 You should have Unique Selling Proposition if you are in a highly competitive market. Avoid using’ my product is better; quality is superior etc.’ as these terms will not appeal or convince the customers.

Any business needs only three criteria for effectively advertising with a USP.



1. Does the ad project a proposition?

2. Is it unique?

3. Does it sell?

How to Convince Customers -Post sale service

Post Sale Service is an effective tool to win over Customers.

The product or post sale services, if required ,are important.

The water purifier is a classic case where if post sales service is poor, convincing new potential customers will be a herculean task.

In automobile industry,  it is moat desirable if the customer is willing to buy a new model of the same brand . In India, Maruti Suzuki’s ex-Managing Director Jagdish Kattar had said that it is   the quality of service team which gets  them more new customers than the sales people.

How to Convince Customers- Features & Benefits

Customers look at what benefits they will get from the features of the product or service. Train the sales team not to overstate the features or use jargons or technical terms.

 For example, in an ad, Eureka Forbes Sales Officer visits a customer and helps a child to operate the vacuum cleaner. This clearly gives out a message that anybody can use it and no special training is required.

Advice from Expert

.Source; Geoffrey James

Keep the list of benefits short.

Most people can only hold two or three thoughts at one time in their short-term memory. Long lists of benefits just cause confusion.

·         Wrong: "Here are the top 10 benefits of using our product:"

·         Right: "The two most important things to remember are..."

Sales Call

Do not be in a hurry to close the deal for asset based products. Help the customer to make a favorable decision. If required, a demo product can be given for free trial for a couple of days.

Financing arrangement, speed of settling warranty claims and not charging exorbitant price for spare parts are some of the tactics to convince buyers.

Sales Techniques - How to convince a customer to buy from you- Evan Carmichael  

Watch the Video

Future Direction

Mobile data traffic is increasing at a huge rate, and a new study from Cisco confirms that by 2020, video will account for a staggering 75% of that traffic. That's up from 55% in 2015. The statistics for North America are even higher, coming in at over 77% .-Tubular insights

Video Testimonial is the future to convince or acquire new customers.

How to Convince Customers- Conclusion

Sales revenue, repeat sales are lifeline for startups. Convincing customers is all the more difficult when the brand has no recall. Understanding the psyche of the customer will solve 90% of problems.

A satisfied customer is an asset. Walk the talk and words should match action. Do not overstate the benefits.