How to Increase web traffic

How to increase web traffic is a question uppermost in the mind of any website owner. The next question is what are the ways one can increase the traffic? How much does each approach cost? What is the cost benefit?

The purpose of any website is mainly to attract eyeballs and in the process, increase the revenue through customer acquisition.

Smart marketers always use the word target audience and advice that everyone is not your customer. This equally applies also to the website traffic.

How to Increase web traffic-Keyword Search

By far the best way of driving traffic is to get your web pages ranking high on search engine results pages 

Keyword search using google can be one of the effective ways to increase traffic.

In the modern era people are googling for information. The right key word will help in getting higher page ranking.

How to Increase web traffic-Nature of Business

The strategy to be adopted depends on the nature of the business and who are you addressing?

1.   Is it B-C business

2.   Is it B-B Business

3.   Content creation and attract advertisers ( Blogs)

4.   Business Coaching

 Options available

There are free to use tools and paid advertising can also be used. Blog writing is an attractive option

1.   Social media presence can be considered as number one option.

i.             Twitter can be used for short messages.

ii.            LinkedIn can be used to attract Professionals

iii.          Facebook can be used to build a relationship as people share their joy as well as distress

iv.          Instagram, Youtube etc.

v.           Pay per click(PPC) 

Recommended Books

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How to Increase web traffic- Recommended Websites

Recommended Websites

1.   25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website- Dan Shewan 

2.   How to increase your website traffic without SEO- Neil Patel.

3.  How to increase web traffic for beginners- Robert Mening


How to Increase web traffic-Conclusion

Website traffic is critical to meet business development and growth. There are many free tools available especially for startups who work on shoe string budget.

Writing blogs is an option.

Measuring the impact of different approaches will help anyone to decide where to focus.