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Online Business

Online business has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. This is mainly due to the availability and falling costs of the bandwidth. New breeds of techno entrepreneurs have been born. This century has witnessed the birth of  new icons like Google, Amazon, e-bay etc 

The new emerging technologies on the internet platform have created enormous opportunities for starting ventures. The capital required for starting a brick and mortar setup, physical presence of the entrepreneur to run the business and hiring/managing human resources were a deterrent for many to crossover to the world of entrepreneurship.

Online shopping gives me a reason to live for another 3-5 business days.-teenagerposts.tumbler

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Online Courses

One such fast growing market is online courses. If you are an expert in any area and want to become an entrepreneur, it has become easier to monetize your intellectual capital by going online. Any person who has developed a process and obtained consistent results has the potential to offer a course online. 

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How to spot opportunity for an online course

The trick is to find a group of people who are searching for a solution to a problem, but not finding many results. The internet makes this kind of market research easy. “Google it” has become a common statement.

An online coach is a fast growing entrepreneurial opportunity.

Here is one of the successful online courses.

Maintaining a healthy life style has become a priority for each one of us.

‘Follow this simple diet for healthy living’, is a topic for online course.

You can buy such a course online and there is a systematic guideline for shedding the excess kilos. Shedding is the easier part and maintaining it is a tough act. Controlling diet and by eating healthy food, you can maintain your weight. It also gives a variety of menus to avoid boredom. These courses guarantee results. Normally, all these courses come with 30 days money back policy, if you are not satisfied.

Requirements for online startup

We need a PC/Laptop and an internet connection. A website is a  preferable option  eventhough  it is possible to be successful without your own website. Select an appropriate domain name refelecting the theme of the business.There are websites which give advice on zero startup costs.

The Catch

Is it really  so simple for  any one to become an online entrepreneur? The question is, why would  anyone pay you to buy the course. You have to establish that you are an expert in that area and your buyer can trust you. So it is a chicken and egg story.

Key requirements

  1.   Learn the art of good copy writing
  2.   Create an e- mail list of potential buyers
  3.   Blogging on regular basis to create credibility
  4.   Develop a robust process which gives  repeatable results
  5.   Willing to give free materials in the beginning

Popular websites for online courses

You can earn money by publishing your courses on these online platforms.


Listed in the alphabetical order.

  1. Academy of Mine
  2. Coggno
  3. Course Merchant
  4. Digital Chalk
  5. Educadium
  7. Fedora
  8. Inquisiq
  9. Learning Cart
  10. MindBites
  11. Mindflash
  12. OpenSesame
  13. Pathright
  14. ProProfessors
  15. Skyprep
  16. Udemy

Nuggets- Online Business

1.   Internet has provided a low cost platform for startup business

2.   You can monetize your intellectual capital

3.  Freedom to work on your own

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