Quizzes to Boost Traffic

Why quizzes to boost traffic?

There is no easy way to improve a site’s visibility other than understanding methods to lure in more visitors and implementing them. 

There are several options available to boost traffic.

The purpose of any website is to attract audience. The audience will be attracted if the content meets their requirements. How to lose weight and stay healthy? This site may attract those who want to lose weight.  It is imperative to  draw the attention of the worldwide web audience for whom plenty of informative sites are available.  If audience is engaged they will go on to spread a good word about a particular website .

“The secret to attracting more traffic is doing what others are not doing, or unwilling to do yet.”- Jeff Bullas

Quizzes to Boost Traffic-Social Engagement

Quizzes are an easy option to boost social engagement, get your audience interested, and make people willing to find out more about a brand or a service.

Quizzes to Boost Traffic-How?

How Quizzes Can Drive Traffic to Your Website?

It's fairly easy to do and can have great results!

Quizzes are, by their nature, interactive. If done well, they can boost engagement. You can also use them to learn more about the audience's needs and preferences. But how can quizzes turn into a tool for boosting social traffic?

It all comes down to share-ability. What makes your visitors want to share a quiz with their own social network? Why would they want their friends or family to take it too? Making a fun quiz with some different outcomes will cause people to encourage their friends to share their outcomes too. This creates the viral effect you are looking for.

Quizzes to Boost Traffic-Process

The quiz can be an effective tool if a systematic approach is followed.  Here are some useful tips.

1.   Decide who is your target audience

2.   Use an attractive title

3.   Make it SIMPLE

4.   Provide sharing button

5.   Create Competitive spirit

6.   Provide bench marks for comparison

7.Promote the quiz aggressively on the social media

Quizzes to Boost Traffic-Decision Issues

1.   Reward or no reward?

2.   In-house or engage third party?

Quiz Building Tools


Quick Surveys is a self-serve market research tool that delivers high-quality, actionable insights. Whether you want to poll your existing users or need to survey your untapped market, Quick Surveys can get you the answers you need in real-time

2. Qzzr

Qzzr is a simple online quiz tool that allows you to quickly create beautiful quizzes, post them anywhere on the web, view on any device, and track results.

3. Survey Monkey

Sometimes you want a quick bit of feedback from your audience. ... practices on how to create and conduct surveys or start with certified sample questions 4.Quiz Funnel-

Run Quizzes on FB, Web and Mobile from one link and boost engagement


Recommended Book

Instant Fast Traffic: Search Domination Traffic-By Joel and Alvin

The book gives very practical tips on using quiz as a medium to drive traffic. 


Quizzes to Boost Traffic-Conclusion

Source: Mobe.com

A well-crafted quiz allows you to gather unique data on your potential customers, including what they like and dislike. You could even offer a free printable certificate for the best scorer as an incentive for completing the quiz.

Use eye-catching promotions so that viewers can be easily drawn to it.  The quiz can be in downloadable word format and the audience can send it as a mail attachment. Send the scores to the individual participant.