Theme Restaurant Startup Idea

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea  can be one of the options for show casing creativity and providing unique customer experience. .This can be on a low budget or with a huge investment depending on the  target customers and location. 

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea

Definition of theme restaurant

A theme restaurant is a restaurant that has a distinct theme in its décor, name, food or any combination of these. Many theme restaurants can be found throughout the world, with themes such as medieval time periods, jungles and famous individuals.

One aspect of a theme restaurant that sets it apart from other restaurants is the fact that the theme is present in every aspect of the restaurant.

Theme restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall 'feel' of the restaurant. ... Some theme restaurants use controversial images, contexts, or ideas.

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea- Opportunities for Creativity

Creativity can be in the décor and design of ambience, the food served or the entire restaurant itself.

The Basics of Choosing a Restaurant Theme

How to make your restaurant theme stand out from the competition

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea- Moving up Value Chain

Value Chain

The theme restaurant provides a competitive advantage and also one can move up the price value chain.

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea- Themes

1.   Village Atmosphere ( Hallimane, Halli thindi & Village- Bangalore)

2.    Cave Restaurant

3.   Order your own recipe

4.   Customer part of preparation (Chef Creates food at the table)

5.   Region Specific like French, Afghan, Iranian etc 

   Famous Indian Theme Restaurants 

A few Interesting Themes

1.       Kaidi Kitchen, Kolkata

2.       Gufha, Bengaluru

3.       The Black Pearl, Bangalore

16 of The Coolest Themed Restaurants to Eat and Drink in India


Best  Global Theme Restaurants 

1.   Restaurant in the Sky- Belgium

2.   Ithaa’, the undersea restaurant Maldives

3.   Eat, the silent restaurant in Brooklyn

4.   The Lockup (Tokyo, Taiwan) 

5.   A 380 themed Restaurant- Congqing

Restaurant Managed by Blind

A Unique Concept - blindekuh are two restaurants where patterns are served in the dark..

The owner, Rev. Jorge Spielmann, believes that the entire "blind" effect for the sighted guests would be spoiled by even the merest chink of light. The only concession to seeing guests are lights in the toilets. However, the sighted must be guided there by the staff in the same way as blind diners.

The idea for the restaurant came from dinner parties held in Rev. Spielmann’s home. Blind himself, he would sometimes blindfold his sighted guests to give them a chance to experience the world of the blind. He said: "The sighted guests commented that being blindfolded made them give more emphasis to the food and listen more intently to the conversation around them. There were no visual distractions, only intense concentration." 

The restaurants are located in Basell and Zurich, Switzerland. The name is derived from "Blinde Kuh" (blind cow), the German name for Blind Man's Bluff

Their first venture, the blindekuh in Zürich, opened on September 17, 1999 and is claimed to be the world's first dark restaurant. The second location opened in Spring 2005 in Basel.

blindekuh won several awards, among them the Social Innovations Award of the Institute for Social Innovations in London

Surprisingly there is no more dish breakage at the Blind Cow than at other restaurants.

 Theme Restaurant Startup Idea- Conclusion

  1. Build Your Menu. First and foremost, map out your menu! ...
  2. Choose a Theme and Own It. Now that you've established your entrees, it's time to choose a restaurant theme and own it! ...
  3. Establish Equipment Layout. You've established your meals and restaurant theme. 
  4. Hire the Right Staff.
  5. Build Anticipation with Soft Openings

A themed restaurant offers uniqueness and also unlimited opportunities for creativity and innovation. This can be a major tourist attraction. A strong brand can be built.