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 Acquire more customers/hour of work-10minutebiztools

You are a startup entrepreneur. You want to acquire more customers. Would you like a simple, easy to use tool to maximise your efforts- 

I have developed a simple - 10 minute business tool to grow your business- acquire more customers per hour of work..This tool will help you to evaluate and prioritize your marketing ideas. It prevents you returning empty handed after you have wasted your precious time   on the field .

Startup business entrepreneurs  key resource is time. They spend maximum time in marketing. However you need to know how to acquire more customers per hour of work. 

This simple tool has been a revelation of sorts for the people I shared it with.

All I had to do was to ask my potential clients to list  all their marketing ideas on a sheet of paper. Then I would show them my simple framework and ask them to categorize their ideas based on the ‘potential to yield more returns per hour of work’. In just 10 minutes I could see the frowns on their foreheads turn into smiles on their lips. I could see their eyes light up with an instant realization of where they had been going wrong all along and what they had to do to get better returns for their efforts.

If you are a growth stage entrepreneur – the tool could be an eye opener for you too. In fact, I am putting together a simple online training course to teach you the right way to use the tool. The training can hold a mirror to all your marketing efforts and allow you to see your current marketing efforts in a new light.

If you are marketing to everyone you are not marketing to any one. You can not please everybody all the time.

10minutebiztools to grow your business by saving time

 Do you want to be on growth path  from slump

Start up entrepreneurs acquire  a few customers initially through their friends, family etc. However the next step of acquiring customers  from the market becomes a daunting task  In spite of spending maximum amount of time  on marketing , they see a decline in growth.

10minutebiztools  can help you to diagnose the reasons for decline  and take action to be on growth path again.

  10minutebiztools-How to get more customers per hour of work

  Time the Key resource for Startup Entrepreneurs 

In my years of working closely with growth stage entrepreneurs - I found that there has always been just one thing that kept an ambitious entrepreneur from moving his/her business to the next stage. The roadblock has always been an inefficient marketing engine

I have seen entrepreneurs spend more than 80% of their available time towards marketing and yet come up with little to no returns for their effort. So, I made it my life’s work to help these entrepreneurs get more returns per hour of their marketing effort.

An interesting thing I discovered during my interaction with those entrepreneurs was – pretty much every one of those entrepreneurs had a long list of potential marketing ideas already in their pocket. But, they didn't have a systematic and scientific way to analyze those ideas and choose the ones that gave the most returns for their effort. 

The first tool "How to acquire more customers/hour of work"  is  now available on UDEMY.